Deborah Milano Blush Hi-Tech Rosa Pesca Review, Swatches &FOTD



There have many girls who have asked me to review this blush and I am so happy I bought it.I am more of a pink or coral loving blush person and when I saw this on the with the name Rosa pesca I thought it will be another rose shade only but contrary to its name its more of a peachy shade which has bit of shimmer in it and suits me like  my rose and coral :blush:


Deborah blush rosy pesca reviews+Deborah blush reviews+Vogue beauty award deborah


What the Deborah Blush claims:-


Hi-Tech Blush brushes on smoothly and stays on – no need to touch up. Stays colour true all day for a radiantly even and natural look. Formulated to minimise risk of allergies

Deborah Milano is Italy’s leading make-up brand. Quality, Style and the “Made in Italy” label are the hallmark of these technologically advancd, high performance cosmetics.


  • Availability – I have not seen Deborah brand in Hyderabad malls but have seen it in Pacific mall Delhi.Like colorbar this brand too is not available every where and thankfully there are some online sites which are keeping this blush.I purchased this blush from and it is also available on urbantouch too.
  • Price – Cost of the blush is 575 and I got it of 489
  • Shades available – There were three more shades available on the online website but they have just numbered them.I got shade n0.46 (Rosa Peasca- sounds like an Italian pasta to me :D)



Rose peachy blush Deborah reviews+Indian beauty blog


  • Packaging –  Blush comes in a glossy black packaging with a transparent flip top over it.It also has a small slider brush at its back  which I use occasionally when I am travelling otherwise I always like to use fluffy brush.You can see the picture of the brush here


Deborah rosa pesca reviews and swatches


  • Texture – It’s look like a baked blush in appearance but the texture of the blush is very very smooth when compared to baked blushes.It’s highly pigmented and easy to blend.Colour is buildable and it gives dewy finish .It’s a  light weight and never broke me out 🙂
  • Staying power – Blush stays easily for four  hours and some time even more 🙂


Deborah rosea pesca swatch+Deborah baked blush reviews


Swatches – Its a peach shade with tad  bit of pink in it and very very fine shimmer in it.Shimmer is so fine that one can use it during the day as well as night.


Deborah rosa pesca blush swatches+Deborah blush baked rosa pesca reviews


This is how it looks during the day on me .Kind of a blush which will never look OTT and makes one glow throughout the day .


Deborah rosa pesca blush reviews FOTD


What I liked about Deborah Blush Rosa Pesca:-


  • Texture, pigmentation and shade
  • Light weight
  • Will suit most skin tone
  • Decently priced if you get it on discount
What I do not like about Deborah Blush Rosa Pesca
  • Deborah products are not easily available and if one order it online then the shade name can be confusing .
Will I recommend it to others – Definitely! No wonder its a Vogue award winning blush 🙂
  • Overall –4.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5
  • Availability – 3/5
  • Packaging-5/5
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  1. A! ur looking gorgeous!!!

    and the blush is lukin so pretty!! perfect fr daily wear…..not the least bit of chance t go overboard..nice fr blush beginners…

  2. I have seen this blush on Healthkart and even though it was voted as one of the best products by Vogue I was pretty apprehensive to buy it. Now I surely will! You look gorgeous as usual! :-*

  3. :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: anaaaa beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:

  4. What a coincedence! I just checked its price on Healthcart and was checking around for swatches, and here, I find a whole review and a pretty girl wearing it :beauty:

      • Nah nah I dropped the plan after this review. I mean its great really but I can’t carry a peach blush yet 🙁 I’m not comfortable with my Lotus and Lakme earthrose yet… so won’t go for a peachy one yet

      • Yeah, really crazy Ana 🙂 I din’t really know the Power Of Blush yet :smoke:

        This one is really nice. Its got the Vogue 2011 award for Best Blush too :))
        From the name even I thought its a Pinky Pink :)) but Guess I’ll postpone buying it, not comfortable with peaches yet 😐

      • wow… tht would be super-great… make some time to share that soon… btw, ur skin’s actually looking better in recent FOTDs… not that it was bad earlier but there’s is some visible difference… good to always look more pretty-pretty 🙂

  5. It’s a beautiful colour… I prefer only such subtle shades for myself… I tried checking healthkart… it’s not there… any idea if I can ask someone to get it from UK or Dubai? Or any site, where I can order this from? Also if none work, then any other brand where a similar shade can be available, especially if the staying power is longer?

            • Heyyy Zaraaa… how are u gal… do u already have this or u gonna add this to ur lovely collection? :lipstick:
              I have never used vaadi creams… chalo jo bhi mile, anything for free is good :beauty:
              The only thing am most finicky about is dates… I don’t like dated pdts arriving in my hand :-/
              Hey btw u also ordered something from UT? What did u order?

              • hey Forum, m doin well…was travelling alot for a bit but thankfully m a bit settled now so feeling relaxed…wot bout u?

                nopes, i dont have this one, but i similar shade so i dont think ill get this…but then again u never kno…the blush devil in me may wake up anytime groaning ‘Peeessssccaaa Rrroooosssseeee’ in my ears so i may end up buying it 😉

                u shud b finicky about the point in getting a product with a 3 yrs expiry when theres just a yr left on it…m totally wid u on that…but not many of the new sites do it tho…its the older sites which hav old stock to finish and end up selling such stuff..

                i havent ordered from UT in quite a while actually…these days m addicted to healthkart thanks to their lovely offers…..and m soon plannin t try stylecraze after A’s post 🙂

                • :laugh: hehehe blsuh devil :laugh: don’t u ever stop shopping? Cool u are … the only think remaining to complete my makeup kit right are some good eyeshadows. If I purchase more, my mom will faint seeing the amount I splurge

                  • stop shopping?!?!??! thats impossible! Jab tak hai jaaaaan, jaaane jahaaaan, main shopping karungggiiiiiiii!! 😉 😉

                    in my case its always blushes…i have lik 2 e/s palettes and some duos and thats enough for me since i hardly do eye makeup.. 🙂

                    ur into eye makeup alot kya?

  6. i want i want :inlove: lovely color :-* :-*
    anu di ,will it be a good choice to start with blushes ?:-) ?:-) or the faces one ?:-) :-/
    n :-* :-* for lovely u n ur perfect liner di :-))

  7. Really pretty blush Anamika!! :inlove: :drool:
    You are looking really gorgeous! I have already ordered so much online. Maybe for my bday some months later.. :heh: :giggle: :present:

  8. You are looking cute Ana…

    Today, first thing I saw when I logged into twitter was this post ka tweet and u made me crave Italian food…hahah..Deborah Milano Rosa pesca n all that and all i wanted was some yummy hot pasta with a fancy sauce

  9. Hey I just received this blush from Urban Touch – Manufactured Oct 2010, Import Jan 2011 and expiry Sep 2013… the date’s a l’il disappointing but what left me more disappointed is that the blush seemed like it was swatched a l’il (as if u take a teeny bit on ur fingers to c the shade) by someone and tht same pack was sent to me… other than that, I just lovedddddd the shade … it’s sooooo natural… perfect for me… got 2 free gifts too – Vedic Line Fig & Honey Moisturiser tube and Lotus Safe Sun Absolute Anti-tan gel satchet
    Apart from tht swatch-test done on my pack, am super-happy… now I can wear this for forthcoming engagement n wedding parties in my family :present:

      • Thanks to u sweetheart tht u gave us an FOTD and I could figure the shade :kissed: … I love such subtle shades… I thot of complaining but didn’t know where and in any case got an engagement to attend on 3rd and these guys even after my complaint aren’t going to replace the product… forget it :-((


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