Deborah Milano eye shadow in Jade (Product review and swatches)

A great fan of Deborah makeup I bought this pretty eyeshadow on my last trip of Delhi.What attracted me first to the eyeshadow was  its packaging.I truly adore Deborah cosmetics for their interesting packaging.Be it their blush, eyeshadow or lipstick they do every thing in  style
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When I noticed this Jade colour which appears Khaki to me I felt as if the colour is screamming at me…”.Hey You Anamika…. LOOOOK AT ME!!!”..
Eye shadow is available in  above colours as well.
Price of Deborah Mineral Mat eyeshadow in India is Rs 250 . 
If you ask me,  I find them decently priced .Reason being that they are mineral matte eyeshadow which are long lasting.I do not use any base when using these eye shadows and they stay for 4-5  hours easily .
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                               Swatches of Jade eye shadow

This is a pretty intense colour which looks subtle too.I wear it during day time and it doesn’t looks over the top.I have used it in my smoky eye tutorial here.
If I am in hurry and I am confused about which eye shadow to pick then this one tops the list.The colours suits almost all my western attire.
This is not powdery and once you use it then only you can realize how different mineral matte eyeshadow are from the regular eye shadows.
Rating – 4.5/5
Worth a  buy – Yes it is.
Will I re purchase again – I am but surely in different colour as this one is going to last for ages I guess :
Have you tried any Deborah Milano eye shadows?
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  1. I got it from Pacific mall of Anand Vihar..even I didnt' know this brand but the cute packaging got me soo hoooked:D
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  2. yaa…i do wear it casually too and it looks good on me..every one ask me too which shade i am wearing :D..

    very interestingly i tell them it Deborah milano
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  3. I know y u ;like it..though my reason r different but i love khaki too:P
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