Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Review,Swatches & FOTD


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Last year during Diwali I bought lots many makeup stuff from all drugstore brand and this product was one among them. Do check out my review to know more about this range of lipsticks from Deborah Milano.

Deborah Rosetto Milano Lipstick  Review+lip stain

About Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick Shade “11”:-

Deborah Rossetto Milano Red Lipstick boasts a ground breaking formula that imparts intense colour, absolute comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours. The formula leaves lips softer and visibly plumped. It contains a blend of natural waxes derived from Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower to nourish lips and ensure that the product glides on easily. SPF15 protects the lips from the sun’s harsh rays. Enriched with ruby powder for intense color and shine; Hyaluronic acid for upto 10 hours of extreme hydration.

Price: Rs 650, Net wt- Nowhere mentioned 🙁

My Experience with Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick Shade”11″:-

I love sporting orange lipsticks every now and then. Orange shades go well with my complexion and instantly removes dullness and signs of exhaustion and tiredness from my face. Except neon orange shades, I love wearing all kinds of shades from orange family. When I went to Pantaloons during Diwali, there were offers available with Deborah Milano products. I got a beautiful mint green eye shadow free with my purchase,  :-D  I asked the SA to show me a pretty orange shade, she showed me the shade 11 and swatched it on my hand. I fell in love with the shade, it was totally my kind of shade. So even without looking at the expiry date I purchased it. 🙁 After coming home, I used it on my lips and with one swipe it quite looked good on me. I was horrified to see that this lipstick was going to expire by April 2013. So I have got few months to finish this lipstick. :-(  Anyways read below to know about the quality and overall performance of the lipstick.

Packaging: The best thing about this lipstick range is its classy royal sturdy packaging. Lipstick comes in a golden metallic packaging with the logo ‘Deborah Milano’ engraved on the cover. The cover fits perfectly with the lipstick tube and shuts firmly with a click. Shade number is mentioned at one side of the lipstick cover. Deborah does not name its lipsticks which I totally disapprove. All the lipsticks have the boring numbers given to them. A beautiful flower sign is engraved in the bullet of the lipstick. I could not see any list of ingredients or net weight mentioned anywhere in the packaging.

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Review+make up products

Shade: Shade 11 is a gorgeous bright eye popping rusty orange shade with a hue of gold. It has gold micro-shimmers in it not visible to naked eyes. I am a sucker of all kinds of orange lipsticks except neon ones. I love the way an orange lipstick can brighten up your entire look and uplift a dull looking face instantly. This will go well with dusky skin tones. Just wear this shade along with light eye makeup and you are going to rock. This shade is attractive and an attention seeker, not for someone with weak heart I must say.

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick Review+lip color

Pigmentation & Staying Power: This shade is richly pigmented and gives opaque coverage with 2 swipes. It glides on my lips like butter, its smooth and hydrating. But with multiple swipes, it tends to settle into fine lines. If you have chapped lips, this lipstick will not treat it just highlight that further. Its staying power is not more than 3 hours excluding meals. It starts fading unevenly from the centre of my lips which is really disappointing. After 2 hours, the shade looks patchy and ugly. 🙁

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Swatches:-

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Review Hand Swatch+lipsticks

Texture & Finish: It has creamy butter like texture. Its very hydrating for lips. It comes with luster finish.

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Review Lip Swatch+lipstick colors

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’ Review FOTD+lip stick

What I liked about Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’?

  • The shade is a unique bight rusty orange shade with a hue of gold.
  • Packaging is royal, classy and very sturdy.
  • Can be worn as an orange blush  :p ( Hard to find more pros)
  • Its hydrating and contains Hyaluronic acid.
  • It glides on my lips smoothly.
  • It contains ruby powder (Doubtful).
  • This shade is richly pigmented.
  • It comes with SPF 15 and is hypoallergenic.

What I did not like about Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’?

  • Its available at an exorbitant price of Rs 650.
  • No where I could see the net weight mentioned in the tube.
  • Not available easily.
  • The lipstick is very soft and prone to breakage.
  • Due to creamy texture, it will melt during summers.
  • It does not result in even application, it gets patchy.
  • It settles into the fine lines of my lips and accentuates them.
  • It does not do anything for chapped lips.
  • It does not make my lips plumped up, even though it contains Hyaluronic acid.
  • I doubt if it contains real ruby powder.
  • It starts fading unevenly, starting from the center which looks weird and ugly.
  • Its staying power is not more than 3 hours.
  • Though with multiple swipes it gives opaque coverage but looks ugly due to settling in the fine lines and patchy application.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

My Overall Recommendation: Deborah Rosetto Milano Red lipstick 11 is a bright rusty orange shade with a beautiful hue of gold, it comes with luster finish. It has gold micro-shimmers not visible to the naked eyes. On one side where shadewise it is a complete winner the other side its formula is not impressive enough. This lipstick settles into fine lines and looks patchy with more swipes. I would not repurchase it and also for the price it is available I would never recommend it to anyone.

Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade is perfect for:-

  • -For those who do not mind the price tag.
  • -For those whom formula and staying power is not an important factor.
  • -For those who have got flawless lips with no pigmentation or fine lines.

Is there anyone out there?????? Do check the scary Lip swatches, I myself got scared. :

Have you tried Deborah Milano Deborah Rosetto Milano Red Lipstick shade ‘11’?

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    • Yess too pricy and not worth the price, many a times i feel most deborah stuff are not even better than local cosmetics but pricy except their blushes!

  1. I have the shade 5 in deborah atomic range…n it luks exactly like this.. that was bought around 400rs :lipstick:

    Lovely shade..but i knw deborah tends to bleed a lot!

  2. It’s a gorgeous :lipstick:..this Milano liptick remind me of my Giordani Gold jewel lipstick, a GOLD Packaged product! the packaging is so luxury looking and very good quality and is metallic and shiny. Love the end design in the lipstick. I have lines on my lips and this helps to diminish and give me fuller looking lips. It is very moisturizing on the lips and never get the feeling of wearing lipstick as it is very light on the lips. It feels good when the product is on my lips, its creamy but it still lasts on the lips well.


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