Decoding Alia Bhatt’s Raazi Looks


Decoding Alia Bhatt’s Raazi Looks

Talking about Alia’s latest thriller drama Raazi which went on to become one of her most successful movies yet again and that too without any big male lead! Also the movie trailer was just exciting enough for people who love to see good cinema and not the typical Bollywood Masala movie-maniacs!

alia bhatt bridal look raazi

Well, I saw it twice and I was really find Alia to be one fine actresses in the Industry where she has aced her role like a her second skin! There is not a single instance where you can remember she is not Alia but Sehmat, the protagonist of the movie! She really bowled over everyone including me with her vintage charm and looks!

Talking about her beautiful looks, this drama is adapted at a period about 4-5 decades back. So the look of Alia as Sehmat is kept minimal!

Here are some of my favorite looks of Alia from the movie! Here I will be talking about her looks in detail!

Alia Bhatt in Bridal Look

The Nikah that takes place in the movie was a crucial point of the plot and she looked as naive as a new 20-year old bride could look. Also because the story going back to be several decades old she adorned a minimal without going anywhere extra!

Decoding Alia Bhatt in Raazi Looks

Even as a bride she looks mostly natural with a hint of bold lip color and deep set kohled eyes! The natural looking brows are a key feature for her look! The eye look was very realistic. It really looked as if she was going through a lot in the inside with the tired eye look! That what made it look more of Sehmat and less of Alia!

The lip color is a gorgeous deep fuchsia wine for the Nikah. The lipstick Wet N Wild Fergie Fuchsianista would definitely be a close pic for this color!

You can also use Maybelline Voilet Pink Vivid Matte Lipstick

For the other look she rocked the earthy toned soft blush with a peach-red hue on the lips!

MAC Cheek Pollen Blush is very apt to get this look!

New Bride Look In Raazi

Another classic look she donned in the movie was with a simple subtle look. A standout bold lips and very subtle eye look! The vampy wine lip color looked perfect for the party and I really loved her look in this scene!

Decoding Alia Bhatt Raazi Look

The lipstick shade close to this lip color is Nykaa Goal Digger and Huda Beauty Famous

alia bhatt raazi look

Overall Look

The entire movie has Alia in a fresh looking dewy rose with very subtle hint of blush. Along with that a soft muted pink shade on the lips completed her look! The brow are kept bushy & not too arched or defined for a natural look!

Decoding Alia Bhatt's Raazi look

The lipstick suitable for her soft pink matte lip look can be NYX Sweet Pink Lip Liner, Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick Technically Pink

The pink blush Maybelline V- Face Contour Blush would be an ideal pick for the fresh & subtle pink hue on the cheeks!

alia bhatt look raazi

You can use any kohl from Lakme, Loreal/ maybelline for the perfectly kohl rimmed eye look as depicted by Alia Bhatt in the movie!


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