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Stress is part and parcel of today’s fast life … so much that a stress free life almost looks a luxury nowadays. Sandwitched between professional and personal lives, we not only handle multiple demands from both ends, but also try our best to maintain a balance between the two.

Out of the 3 standard causes for illness – Hurry, Worry and Curry; stress and anxiety contribute to the first two and aggravate the problems resulting from 3rd. And yet, nowadays it’s impractical to think that one can remain untouched, unaffected by stress. So it’s better to inculcate certain habits in our daily routine which will help us combat the adverse effects of stress and let us stay healthy and fit inspite of that.

Deep breathing is an extremely simple but powerful method which has a number of positive effects. It’s an amazing way to counter stress, anxiety and restlessness and help you relax.

Deep breathing, however, must be done properly in order to gain the maximum benefit. It requires that the lungs should expand as much as possible to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon di oxide. It is dependent on an organ known as diaphragm. Diaphragm is a thin layer which separates the lungs and heart from the rest of organs (down the stomach). As you inhale, the diaphragm moves downwards, and returns back with exhalation. It influences all the other organs which it touches.

Many organs, like liver, function through muscle expansion and contraction. Thus, the lymphatic system is affected by the diaphragm  movement and will work better with regular deep breathing activities. Deep breathing also leads to better blood circulation and detoxifies the organs. With improved functioning of whole body, mind also feels relaxed and free from stress.

For effective breathing exercises, professional courses are available. You can also take expert advice on them. Breathing exercises are preferable in the morning. You should breathe slowly and fully – inhaling from nose and exhaling through the mouth – for about ten seconds. Avoid forced breathing and don’t take stress while breathing.

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