Deep oil cleansing method with step by step pictures.


Went for a holiday and back with a skin which has faced harsh sunlight, dirt etc or you are a working woman who face dirt and pollution every day then Deep cleansing method is the one for you.Yes it has oil in it but don’t worry it wont break out your skin instead it will help in reducing pores of the skin.

Method will remove away all the impurities and will make the skin child like soft.

I haven’t tried this method since two month and was missing it .While doing it thought of sharing it with my readers.Though I have already done a post on this but doing it with step by step pictures is all the more fun.

Here it goes

Ingredients required.

Olive oil/Almond oil/coconut oil(You can choose any)
3 vitamin E capsules(optional but i love the feeling of vitamin E going under my skin)
good quality cotton pads

Step1-Take 4tbsp of olive oil.I think even three will do.You can take two tbsp. of almond oil and 2tbsp. of olive oil .You can replace olive oil with coconut oil too.

Step2-Add2-3 vitamin E capsules .You can add the vitamin E oil too.

Step3-Take cotton facial pad and make and give it a shape of your face.(The shape of my face is quite interesting.huh!!!)

Step4-Heat the oil in microwave for 3-4 minutes.You can use a double boiler technique if you do not  have microwave.

Step5-Soak the cotton pad into the oil.Make sure that the oil is not too hot and neither too cold for your skin.Open it up carefully.If you think there is too much oil and it will pour down from your face then you can squeeze off some oil from the cotton pad.

Step6-Open the oil soak cotton pad and place it on your face. (Ain’t I looking beautiful.Come on !!! I asked my husband and I guess he has learnt the art.He said you are.. like always..:D)

Now press the cotton pads a bit so that oil is absorbed easily by your skin.Make sure that oil doesn’t get into your eyes as well. You can put soaked rose essence (gulab jal) cotton balls on your eyes to have a soothing effect.Just relax and enjoy it .This process is actually quiet relaxing.

Remove the hot oil cotton pads when they get cool. With the help of your hands massage the oil on your face .This will remove make up, dirt and other impurities. Give the oil ample time in dissolving impurities of your face.

Clean small towel and soak it in clean steamy water. Water should be lukewarm enough to open your pores and remove the oil. Cover your face with the towel and allow it to cool. You yourself will feel that your pours are releasing the impurities. Repeat the wash cloth process 2-3 times so that whole oil gets out of your pores.
What I do is I take a  towel (small in size)and run it under the water.Keep it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and apply it on my face. But if you are scared doing it then  you can use the above method of steaming water and dipping the towel.
There is no need to scrub your face after using this therapy .Just wash your face with cold water in the end so that all the open pores get close. Apply a mild moisturizer if you feel the need. By this time your skin will be glowing and will be free from all the impurities.

If oily skin people want to use this therapy then they should apply a multani mitti(fuller earth pack) after washing face with cold water.(I suffer from acne problem too and when i have skipped the multani mitti face pack then also it never gave me pimples)

Using this therapy will help in getting rid of black and white heads. Blemishes and wrinkles will slowly fade away and will slower down skin aging process.

This is any day better then any massage of the parlor.If you have sister or friends or mom who can do it for you then it all the more easier.Hardly takes half an hour.
Do it once a month and people will ask you what you are doing on your face.Especially those who have open pores problem it can really help you out.:)
When you do it please share your experience with me..wonchyaa???


  1. You have surely managed to teach your husband all the correct answers! Oh so this is the deep oil cleansing method you were telling..okk..I didn't know this way of doing it.

  2. Yaa Rads ..when ever i ask him wether I m looking fat he alwyas have the same reply..Come on..i think u have lost it..Now i fight with him saying u r so fake..he tell i will never understand what u woman want to hear..:Dthis is really great way to remove impurities rads as hot oil opens up the pores and enter into the skin..but i am keen on trying yur way too.soon when i start lossing the softness which DCM has given me:)

  3. I tried this with coconut oil – basically using pure coconut oil to remove my makeup and then my regular cleanser. My skin was so nice and soft – but guess what? The next day: 1 huge ugly pimple showed up. So after using the pure coconut oil twice, I gave up…but only on pure coconut oil.Currently I'm using MAC's cleansing oil and it helps – but I still have pimples though. They've become my best friends 🙁

  4. Dear Fieran…this remedy should not be used for removing make is just has to be tried once in a month or maximum too if you have dry skin…also, if pimples occurs use fuller earth pack if u have pimple is one of the best cleansing things happend to is so soft and beauty..

  5. I love this method of cleansing. Although I don't do it as elaborately as you. I just warm some oil and rub it well for 20 mins. Post that the method is just like your's. I love using this method to cleanse my face. I always feel like I have had a facial whenever I do this 🙂

  6. Tanz me too feel the same when i do this…doing it this way is quiet relaxing because when oil goes into your skin it and cools down the stress kind of vanishes…

  7. i mean 2 say that the daily routine of cleansing,tonnig and mosturizing we done .after doing this deep oil clensing method weakly can i skip that daily clensing?pllllz give satisfying ans……… im waiting

  8. No sweets you can not skip it..CTM are the essenital doing this method your pores of the skin will clean up slowly and black heads and white heads will almost reduce to miminum level…though many of us clean,tone and moisturise but still we do not get rid of these by cleansing method CTM will will be more effective too ..Also requirement of toner and other thing will reduce down but do not skip them..Hope this satisfies you if not then let me know if you have any doubts.

  9. hi anamika,i love wise she ,very inspiring for i know mostly home remedies but just lazy to do.after reading blogs in wise she just got a new feeling to takecare of myself.every day i start my laptop and first of all open ur blog to get inspired and to see what i will do today to pamper my self.thank u all for making me more beautiful.keep it up :

    • Hi Saima,

      Thanks for the feedback..We woman definitely need to pamper our self and make us feel good 🙂 Glad u enjoy the blog 🙂

  10. Thanks a lot for this post anamika… very interesting this deep cleansing process, my skin type is combination and sensitive also can i use this deep cleansing process??? Already i have so many rashes 🙁 … Please tell me


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