Deepika Padukone Beauty Transformation


Deepika Padukone Beauty Transformation

I have a serious girl crush on this lady and its not new. Ever since I saw her first look in Om Shanti Om, I fell for Deepika Padukone 😀 Her movies might not have worked always but she managed to stay in news. She is really beautiful and loves to enhance her looks with makeup. She has experimented with a variety of makeup looks and hairstyles. Some went well and some didn’t do much for her. Her makeup choices over the years also reflect what was in vogue in that particular time.

deepika padukone OmShanthiOm

Deepika was active in glamour world even before her Bollywood debut so she definitely new some tricks. Here I have tried to compile some of her beauty looks that she flaunted in real life. Looks in movies depend largely on the character that an actor plays so I will try to stay clear of that.

Here is Deepika’s one of the first public appearances for OSO promotions. You can see that her makeup is somewhat on the shimmery side. There is quite a lot of highlighter used. Her initial looks were mostly about bronze hues whether it was her eyes or her lips. Those neutral looks were high on shine and her hair was mostly sleek.

deepika padukone makeup transformation

Even during her Love Aaj Kal days, her makeup was pretty much the same.

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Deepika traded her long locks for short hair for one of her movies and the hairdo suited her quite well. The innocence in her face became clearer in this haircut. Her makeup was still kinda brown in 2010.


She took up the wild child image for Cocktail and from there started her love for big hair. The teased, boho hair trend was catching on then and Deepika took no time in making it her own. We saw her in poofs in 2013 and 2014 at almost every event. Deepika managed to make ponytails sexy.


This was also the time when she played with color on her lips. Reds and oranges made many appearances but Oxblood lips became kind of her trademark.

deepika padukone (1)

To be honest I got a little bored of those vampy lips and puffed up hair but the fact is that she looked pretty all the time. Deepika upped her brow game too. She already had full brows but she made them even bolder and we are not complaining.

deepika padukone hair

Bold lip colors were not only new additions in her looks, her makeup went from shiny to matte as well. Bold lips look great when rest of your makeup is subtle and Deepika did exactly that. She also threw in a few looks where all of her makeup was subtle and looked flawless. I don’t think I have seen her in heavily contoured makeup but she has a naturally chiseled face so why contour.

deepika latest look

Now we are mostly seeing her in nude makeup looks. She still likes big hair but sleek hair is also making quite a few appearances now.

deepika padukone 2015

Deepika recently stepped out with really heavily done eyes. In these looks her beautiful eyes are completely surrounded with dark black kohl and rest of her face is simple. She is looking good but I am still a little on verge about this look.

I hope that she keeps experimenting with her looks and keeps inspiring us.

Which of Deepika Padukone’s looks are your favorites?

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