Delhi Flea-Market Jewelry Haul And How To Style Them


Delhi Flea-Market Jewelry Haul And How To Style Them

Hello all you beautiful people! How are all of you doing? I have been in a pretty lazy mood these days and to with the coming college sessions I knew I had to get my lazy bum up and go out for some back-to-college shopping! And yes, the weather really cooperated with my lazy shopping days here in Delhi.

This is one of my first haul posts for you people! A few jewelry pieces that I managed to hoard from Delhi’s flea-markets and which I love more than anything in the world currently! Statement pieces, as hot as they can make you look, can get a bit tricky to style if not done properly. So yes, I am not just going to show you what I got for myself, I am here to show how I used them to up my fashion game a few notches!

Let’s get started!

A Pastel Pink-Peach Jeweled Statement Neck Piece

First things first, this gorgeous pastel pinkish-peachy neck piece was a steal and is my most prized possession of the lot! My love for pinks is no mystery I have been craving for pink since I was born (yea, I am that obsessed with 50 shades of pink.

pastel pink-peach jeweled statement neckpiece

A closer look at this beauty

pastel pink-peach jeweled statement neckpiece closer look

This imitation style jeweled piece is perfect for a special occasions and lets see how I styled it!

pastel pink-peach jeweled statement neckpiece styled

I dressed it up with a flowing marsala colored maxi with a leopard print yolk added on my favorite sunnies and a bright pink lippie to complement the pastel pink tones in the neck piece.

The Eiffel Tower Pendant Long Chain Pendant

One of my coolest pieces in the collection is this adorable little Eiffel tower pendant which comes with this looong, like really long chain and makes it really cool to wear.

The Eiffel Tower Pendant Long chain pendant

I am most probably pairing this up with my basic tee and jeans with a ruffled pony tail my go to look for college, generally! Such kind of long pieces are also great for those who want an elongated neck-look or are in the look out for a slimmer silhouette as the chain gives a V-shape illusion and makes the bust area look narrower. A win for me!

Hot Pink Gem Style Casual-chic Neckpiece

A big YAY for my most coolest purchase. Ok, I do not want to say anything, look at it for yourself!

Hot pink gem style casual-chic neckpiece

What should I say about this? I know to some it may not look too expensive and high-class types, because it really isn’t that costly but the color and the tiny gem-like thin gs really made me fall for it! And I fell hard! The hot pink color is one of my THE favorites and I have ways numerous in my mind in order to style them.

An example is here below!

Hot pink gem style casual-chic neckpiece styled

Excuse my blemished skin I really wasn’t well but I had to put together this look to show it to you guys! The first way that popped in my head was to pair it up with an ice-blue old-navy denim shirt which I left open and wore a black tank underneath, and my favorite navy skinny, ankle-length jeans. However, the look seemed to be incomplete without my favorite Jaguar glasses. Love!

Hot Pink Cocktail Ring

Hot-pink cocktail ring

The ring which you see in the above picture was one of my most impulse purchases and I am so grateful to my senses for letting me do such impulsive shopping.

Note to my impulsive self stay activated more if you are going to do splendid things like these! 😉

Priced at just a meager 375 bucks, this one is by far the best cocktail ring. I mean come on, look at that subtly hot color. It oozes out so much of rocker-chic femininity without leaving behind its ethnic cultures. The gold detailing on the sides makes it all the more desirable. It will be a perfect match with both your Indo-westerns, or westerns and ethnic wear!

Pure love for this gorgeousness!

Did you like my Delhi flea-market Jewelry collection?

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