Delhi Stationery Exhibition 2016 Experience


Delhi Stationery Exhibition 2016


Today, I am sharing my experience with you when I went to the Delhi Stationery Exhibition. I went there with my colleague Neha and my daughter Anvika. It was an awesome weather but all I feared was its havoc this season which we have already seen. It was raining when we reached there but nevertheless we were more concerned about the things inside.

But alas! Wish we were aware what was in store for us inside. I was taken aback as I was told at the entry gate that kids were not allowed. This meant that Anvika had to be left behind outside and only me and Neha could go inside. It all seemed like a nightmare as we were feeling so sorry for Anvika. Nevertheless, me and Neha decided to be with my daughter one by one until one of us went inside and visited the fair. It was all a B2B kind of fair so kids had no business being there. I really felt sorry for carrying my daughter this far and then she was not able to see anything.

Amazing Things For Home Decor

Seeing the lanterns which were all colored was just awesome. I loved them and wanted to have all of them with me. Candles, lampshades etc. were all amazing. One would definitely want to have them specially with the Diwali season. But it was all for business selling and not at all for retailing which was a huge turn down since I could not even buy anything.

We finally made our way out since there was exactly no point in going to the place only as it was only for exhibits and not for any sort of B2C details. We went to Costa Coffee to have some coffee and drain the bad experience down our gulps. It was a good idea as it gave us something to be happy about finally.

We started back and this time I took a metro as my kid wanted to see the metro ride as she really enjoys it. Though I do not have the patience required to travel in a public transport especially metro, but I did it for my daughter as I want her to experience every kind of life possible which is the right way I guess. As per me being over protective about the kids is also not very beneficial in the end.

Finally as we approached the station, my husband was there to pick us up which saved us another ordeal of public transport on the go, which I was not patient enough to handle now.

All in all it was only a ride that I had through the day making my kid roam about unnecessarily. For her the metro ride was a positive but for me, I learnt a Lesson: Always enquire about the event or exhibition completely before you move out of your home.

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Have a nice and safe monsoon season ☺


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