Delicca Powder Facewash Review – SLS Free Face Wash + Video


Delicca Powder Facewash Review- SLS Free Face Wash

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a drugstore face wash that is sulfate free. Though I’m not conscious about presence of SLS in my products, many girls are and this face wash can be a good choice for them.

About Delicca Powder Facewash

In today’s market there are lots of face washes available but most of them contain Sulfate in the form of Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can be harsh on your delicate facial skin.

Sodium laureth sulfate takes out natural oils from your skin that actually needed for its protection. It can be very irritating, especially for a person who is allergic to it. Studies show that even modest amount of SLS can cause allergic reactions. What’s more, it removes the skin’s natural, protective oil and your skin ends up producing more oil leaving your face oilier.

Vini cosmetics introduces Delicca Powder Face Wash which is completely Sulfate Free giving you a non oily glowing face every time.

Delicca face wash is gentle on skin; washes Impurities, Dirt, Removes Pore-Clogging, Excess oil and help lift away dullness from the skin. Does not over dry and leaves the skin Moist and fresh

delicca facewash review

Price- INR 125 for 40g

Packaging: The face wash comes in a black bottle with flip top lid. It has a talcum powder like dispenser. The packaging is sturdy and easy to travel with. Everything from complet ingredients to directions is mentioned on bottle.

My Take On Delicca Powder Facewash:

I wet my face, take some powder in my palm and apply it on my face. Even though the instructions say that the product lathers, it doesn’t. It is creamy and feels nice on face. I believe the creaminess comes from the presence of milk powder and turmeric. I can see glow on my face after I rinse off the facewash. The glow does not last though.

The fragrance of Delicca Powder Facewash is synthetic but is not bothersome. I guess that it will not bother even sensitive noses.

The face wash is suitable for all skin types. My dry skin doesn’t get stretchy after using this face wash but I need a moisturiser afterwards.

This much of product will last me a month. This is one of those products where I have nothing to complain about.

As the facewash is really mild, it can be used multiple times a day. I will recommend it to all especially to the girls who like using eco-friendly products.

Do watch this video for more details about the product and subscribe to our channel

Have you tried Delicca Powder Facewash?

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  1. I bought it 2 months back, initially i liked it, even i felt glowing face which was temporary, but with repeated use, i felt my eyes started itching with usage, so i stopped using it,even my sis experienced it, 🙁

  2. I have always wondered what would it be like but never gathered the courage to try it. Nice one Zee. But Taps says eyes itch…did you find any such thing ? Could it be cause of the turmeric content which goes in during washing ?

    • Hi mitra i didnt feel it has any turmeric at all, though its mentioned, they have given a light yellow tint to face wash powder, its mostly wat i felt was milk powder in it, it feels good, just may be it has some other chemicals whenever tht enters my eyes, irritates a lot, u may or may not experience like this,nt sure


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