Denman hair brushes – Be- Bop massage brush (Product review)

Denman brand is popular abroad and now Denman is trying to grip themselves here in India too.During one of my trip of Inorbit mall Hyderabad I found the brand.I was excited to see their brushes .They had classic brush, styling brush, free flow brush  , thermoceramic, brush, vents brush, deluxe styling and many other stylish brushes. I was attracted to this Be- Bop brush which appeared quiet cute and a brush which gives massage is something I would have love to experiment so I immediately bought this one.

This is what the product claims– Circular massage brush with extra soft plastic pins.Ideal for gentle, stimulating scalp massaging during shampooing.Perfect for distributing gels, waxes and pomades during styling.
Suitable for short to medium length hair and not suitable to use with hair dryer.

Price of Denman Be- Bop massage brush is Rs 75

What I liked about the product :-
1. This brush has soft bristles which doesn’t hurt my scalp.
2. Moderately priced
3.I like using it after oiling my hair.I use it like a comb and it stimulated blood circulation.
4. I once used it  for wax spread and there it worked well but I still prefer using butter knife for wax spread over this.

What I dislike about the product :-
1. I was never able to massage my scalp  with this brush during shampooing.All my hair gets more tangled because of this.Once or twice I combed me hair with an ordinary comb before shampooing and then using the massage brush but still my hair got more tangled.
2. I am able to spread the gel easily with this but problem is lot of gel goes inside the brush and leads to wastage.
Recommendation – I am not satisfied with this brush at all. I some time use it after oiling my hair but that is it .It doen’t tangle my hair when I use it in oily hair otherwise it is quiet tough for me to use it .
As far as scalp massaging is concerned it doesn’t give any exceptional or worth noticing scalp massage.So I won’t recommend this to any one .
Have you tried Be- Bop massage brush or any other brush like this ?



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