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Derma Dew Acne Soap Bar 

Hello, girls!

Just in case if you guys are wondering if I am lost? Nope! I am just on a makeup holiday these days, LOL! Jokes apart! Here is the bad news, that the little monsters on my face have come back. 🙁 I am suddenly getting small bumps here and there out of nowhere back to back. I don’t know why? And before it expands, I immediately went to visit a derma. He put me on ISOTROIN (NOT AGAIN 🙁 ) prescribed clindamycin gel and derma dew acne soap and told me NOT TO USE MAKEUP until I tell you next. I asked again..What?? Not to use makeup? He said using makeup is far, you should not even touch ur face! In my mind “I hate you doc..How the hell can you tell me not to use makeup? Do u know I am a beauty blogger? I can sew you for telling me this!” 😡 In reality, “Ok doctor ..I am fine with it” * fake smile*!

Coming back to Dermadew acne soap, this soap has been my LIFESAVER in just 2days! It exactly looks like “DOVE” soap and even smells like it! One of the mildest soap!

This is how acne soap looks like –

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About Dermadew acne soap:-

It contains gentle oleo base cleanser combined with anti-acne activities of both natural and synthetic origin and fortified with specific emollients, moisturizers and skin nourishers. Dermadew Acne effectively controls unwanted sebum, reduces keratinisation and inhibits acne and oily skin conditions. Dermadew acne soap gives smooth,soft ,supple and fresh feeling to the skin. For better results use Dermadew acne soap with other anti-acne medications.

  • Price – Rs. 115 for 75gm
  • Ingredients – Oleo Base Surfactant, Triclosan, Ethyl lactate, Zinc PCA, Salicylic acid, Manuka concentrate, Willow Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Olive oil, Aloe vera, Glycerine.

Dermadew acne soap

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It resembles Dove soap

Dermadew soap reviews acne soap reviews oily skin+how to treat acne

My Experience with the Product  Dermadew Acne Soap Bar:-

This has been my life-saver soap already. I am just using this soap from past 2-3days and even my colleagues could make out the difference on my face. The bumps were so big on the 1st day but today on the 3rd day, all my bumps are gone and only brown marks are left on my face. This soap is very moisturising and dewy, also it makes your skin tight and brings a healthy glow on your face which I like. The doctor has advised me to wash my face at least 3-4times in a day to keep the oiliness at bay. It’s a miracle product for oily/acne prone skin and I would recommend this soap to all the girls who get minor bumps here and there periodically as this soap stops the occurrence of new pimples very effectively without drying you out. The bumps tend to peel out on their own with regular usage of this soap. It’s a mild soap with a mild fragrance but make sure the lather doesn’t go in your eyes because it stings badly. Ever since I have started using this soap, there are no new breakouts, my skin is oil free, matte and super clean. This soap is good enough to be used by anyone, you don’t need doc’s permission to use this 😛

What I like about Dermadew acne soap bar:-

• Mild soap and fragrance
• Prevents occurrence of new pimples
• Helps in disappearance of existing pimples
• Moisturising and gives a glow on your face
• Very effective for oily/acne prone skin
• Mattifying effect
• Gentle on skin

What I dislike about Dermadew acne soap bar:-

• It is pricey
• It stings badly when it goes in your eyes.

Will I re-purchase this soap – Absolutely Yes! I will keep this soap handy, whenever I feel the little monsters coming up, I have my life saver handy! Thank you..derma dew acne soap 🙂

Rating – 4.5/5 :-*

 What’s your favourite acne soap bar?

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  1. did d outbreak occur again? Was it a reaction to any product?

    Thank god fr such products..even tho its pricey its def worth it I feel.. 🙂

  2. I will get this imagine i have super dry skin but its acne prone every other day there is a breakout .I have used the dermadew caloe n aloe lotion and both r gud .

  3. looks like everyone is facing issues with the bad weather
    Even my skin is reacting differently 🙁
    and Erica loved ur doc story :rotfl:
    Thnx fr lettng us knw abt this product

  4. this is really nice … I was just looking for a mild lotion for acne and got to see this … this is all the more easy to incorporate into the CTM routine…. I am getting this TODAY 🙂 Get well soon Erica 🙂

  5. this is so needed in Bangalore.
    My derma told me since we don’t sweat much here, this clogs the pore 🙁 and ppl in Bangalore suffer from skin problems 🙁

    • I had a questions Erica does this Soap also clears out dark scars whiteheads blackheads and also red scars or redness and if I live in Canada as I read most of them say that because of the weather it would cause an problem so in your opinion should I use this soap or not do you recommend it for me I have combination skin as if oily the most and I had acne for few years now and because of that I have dark scars and red/ pink spots or scars on my face.

  6. hey.. sad tat u gotta deal with those monsters again… but cool tat u gotta lay ur hands such a fab product..

    i too have tried the dermadew aloevera soap years back…. when my skin was extremely dry and the derma suggested this soap for moisturising… though i never used tis on my face… 🙂

  7. no Ana. Bang has a cloudy weather and so people dont sweat…… this inturn leads to toxic material to be trapped inside the body and fall sick often and have skin diseases and dandruff….all the year round.

  8. I am def gonna try this though I dont get big pimples these days..thanks to my Sebamed + Vichy Normaderm routine but still i do have problem if zits coming now n then but then i think its coz of bad food habbits and late night sleeping and not drinking enough water 🙁 but one thing your derma said is true..WE SHOULD AVOID TOUCHING OUR FACE EVERY NOW N me our hands have so much bacteria and when we touch our face it all gets there and this also causes pimples and breakouts!..sorry for caps.

  9. At least u people know u have oily skin and know wat to use coz oily and acne prone skin go together but me havin dry skin compounds it if i hydrate there r breakouts and if i dnt then skin becomes super dry .By the way anamika u had once asked me regarding shahnaz husain chocolate nourishing cream its really gud and the smell is awesome .. Ucan give it a try

  10. aiyooo hate acne :pain: n docs one more pain :pain: i havent touched blush for so many days months actually 😥 but my skin is getting back to normal :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: kabhi kabhi doc ki baath sun leni chahiye 😛

    • I Can feel you…Tulips! 😥 V both r sailing on the same ship..But I feel good when ppl temme.. k pata nai kyu make up lagaati hai…without make up ab teri skin kitni clear hogayi hai n bright dikh rahi hai.. Toh I ‘ll say Haa toh.. Mein toh NATURAL BEAUTY hu..fir bhi I love make up.. Coz bachpan mein crayons se pyaar tha aur ab woh make up lagta hai! :blush: 😉 :inlove: :lipstick:

  11. I just used this product for last 2 days. but my face suddenly chubby!!!!!! light pain, face fully especially cheeks very pain. why it’s happened!!! am waiting ur suggestion
    thank u

        • I am 19 years old boy anamica and erica pleace give some powerfull imformation to our faild people stop chatting with sucessfull once pleace be responsable for our people

    • Use navarethinam hair oil daily and take barth daily keep your body cool use tables which the skin doc prefers but dont use permanantly because it is powerfull use just 2months and leave it and i always says keep your body i have experinced that tables so mark my works dear and i have forgot to say use navarethinam hair oil daily its just 1rs

    • I means the soup is not supported on your face use navarethinam hair oil to control daundruff it is the main reason and use table the skin doctor prefers don’t use that tables permanantly because it has side effects one the pimles has removed use that oil daily and barth daily the oil cost just 1rs

  12. i used dermadew soap that white one….i hav few rashes…bt after using dermadew my skin had bcm extreme rough…i left dats i hav oily skin :lipstick: :lipstick:

  13. im heading out to get one myself..! hope it suits my skin type…! n does this help to improve my complexion..? had a bad tan..!

  14. I have been using dis soap since 2-3 yrs. It helped me have a clear skin as i am allergic to most soaps. 3 yrs back my doc had prescribed antibiotics, a cream & Derma dew acne soap. My acne had vanished since den. Now it has made a comeback. DD has been giving me problems. The soap after using it to nealy half loses it soapyness….due to dis my acne has made a comeback 🙁

  15. Erica,
    The details you have given in this post are absolutely true. Actually I’m not going thru that age in which most people faces the prob of Acne/pimple (I’m 30 now) But in last year I was getting so much Acne on my face (My Doc said it happens due to stress, sleepless nights etc) and never had a Pimple in my Teenage. But as you said, Dermadew Plus is really life saver.

  16. i’m a recent user of this product (derma dew acne soap)…. and on this 1st day iam liking this soap alot…. thnx to my doc

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  18. After started using this soap, my acnes became big and more. Will it cure the acnes in this way? Ur suggestions are welcome. Today is the fourth day of using this soap.

  19. Try Sensidew which is new in market and gives better results compare to other acne soaps in market. If you not happy with your current acne soaps then sensidew soap is best for oily and dry skin both.

  20. Yes. my doctor prescribed Sensidew acne . within one week i saw all the pimples gone . unlike other acne soap / bars , sensidew acne soap does not dry the skin.the best part of the soap is even my marks started getting invisible.

    • Oh yar… i heard my cousion talking about sensidew good results.
      I wanted to buy it as well. Can you tell shilpa from where did you buy it?
      Also tell me which city you buy sensidew acne soap? May be its not available in Delhi.


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