DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment Argan Oil Review


DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment Argan Oil Review

The Thing with leave in treatments is that they initially suit hair making them look smooth and shiny but later on they  kind of stop showing effect.This is the reason I keep changing and trying different products.

Today argan oil is all rage and has really captured the attention of all the hair and skin care junkies around.I was looking for something interesting to try out for my hair and chanced upon argan oil and here goes my experience with it.

dermorganic leave in treatment review

About DermOrganic Leave – In Treatment :-

 Leave-In Treatment is made with Certified Argan Oil of Morocco to repair, protect and improve hair shine. Restores optimal moisture balance, smoothes and softens, speeds drying time, and protects hair from thermal styling.

  • Price - $16 for 120ml (It’s available on snapdeal and as well but at a higher price)
  • Packaging – The product comes in a semi opaque brown bottle and has a flip cap  and is travel friendly.

dermorganic leave in treatment

My experience with DermOrganic Leave in Treatment:-

Product contains certified Argan oil of Morocco which gives shine to hair and adds lots of smoothness.It acts as a heat protectant and I have been using it almost every day before blow drying  my hair or using any kind of hair styling tool.It works beautifully and one just needs few drops to cover the hair.I start from the middle of my hair and go till the roots.Although I tend to use more of the product as product doesn’t come out in drops but it doesn’t make hair greasy if over used a bit  so one kind of uses it more than what is required.

argan oil leave in treatment

This product is vegan and no animal testing has been done with it.It has no artifical preservatives. It’s paraben, sulphate and gluten free. This serum is quite light weight and has this sweet fragrance which doesn’t linger on and the way it keeps hair hydrated I am quite impressed with it.

leave in treatment argan oil

Summing it up

What I like about DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment Argan Oil :-

  •  Adds shine and keeps hair hydrated
  • Sulfate free & Glutten free
  • One bottle will last long
  • Travel friendly
  • Acts as a heat protectant
  • Makes hair incredibly smooth

What I do  like about DermOrganic Leave-In Treatment Argan Oil :-

  • Its expensive
  • Not easily available

Wise She Rating – 5/5

Have you tried DermOrganic Leave in Treatment Argan Oil ?


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  1. Hry gorgeous, you are looking superb in that pic…m going to chk ur fashion post 🙂

    n it seems to be a nice product…..but the availiblity issue 🙁

  2. heard soo much about argan oil… 🙂 but didn’t get a chance to try…!!! 🙁
    u look absolutely stunning…

  3. Nice review Anamika.. 🙂 I love using Argan oil for skin everyday.. Have not tried for hair though.. I get mine directly from Morocco.. Dats so expensive.. I will try dis one next time 🙂

  4. @Purnima – thanks babes

    @Himani – oh really..can that be shipped to India and how much will it cost

    @Pragnya – thanks babes 🙂 hope u checked out our fashion blog 🙂

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