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Do you own a nail polish that you never wear because it doesn’t look good? Well I believe there are many out there; especially those who buy nail polishes on-line. No matter how many reviews you read before buying, you never really know how it will work on your skin tone. And sometimes you might just buy a colour to match with your outfit. I bought a polish that matches the outfit that I was planning to wear at a party. I did not put much thought on buying this one as it was a drug store nail polish – Revlon. But the colour looked quite unflattering on my nails; they looked stained.

This is how it looks on my nails –


Desi nail art tutorial Revlon Tangerine+nail art designs


(it looks much better in this picture but not otherwise)


Yet I wanted to wear it with my saree somehow without making it look horrible. I tried a little experiment and was able to pull off the colour and not only that, I received tons of compliments on my nail art 😀 Success!!! The trick is to use more than one colour.


You don’t need any fancy nail art tools, this nail art can be created with the minimalistic tool lying around the house. And the best part is even beginners can create this manicure. I did it myself on both the hands, it’s that easy 🙂

Here are some pictures of what I like to call go desi nails 🙂


Desi nail art+nails art


The reason I call it desi nails is because I think this manicure will look best with Indian dress.Items you will need for this manicure are in the below picture.


Desi nail art_Tangerine by Revlon, gold polish by Lakme, Madras by Mavala+nail art ideas


The thin brush is optional; you can use a toothpick alternatively. The polishes I’ve used are Tangerine by Revlon, gold polish by Lakme and Madras by Mavala (Swiz brand).

And here’s a picture tutorial, you can create this look with any colour you want. My outfit was tangerine with maroon border and hence I choose similar colours.


Desi nail art tutorial+nails art design


Detailed steps to create this manicure - 


Step 1: Paint all your nail with the base color and when it’s completely dry, cover half of your nail with cello tape as shown. Place the tape neatly without any gaps.

Step 2: Paint the other half with 2nd color. You need not be neat here, the tape will take care.

Step 3: Allow few seconds and slowly remove the tape, and you will see a perfect division of the colors.

Step 4: Place a drop of 2nd color on a paper and dip the round end of the toothpick to pick up color on to it.

Step 5: Now create dots with the toothpick along the diagonal line. Load more color as you draw if required.

Step 6: Allow the dots to dry and repeat the same process in steps 4 & 5 with the 3rd color, but using the shaper end of the toothpick; it will create a smaller dot on the previous dots. You might want to test it on the paper before applying on the nail.

Step 7: Using a thin brush or the tip of toothpick draw a smooth line between the dots and the division using the 3rd color. To create the flower on the tip, draw 5 dots using sharper end of the toothpick in the circular pattern.

Step 8: Allow the dots to stand until it becomes a little thick, then take a clean toothpick and drag each dot from its end towards the center using the sharper end and you have a flower. Easy isn’t it (reminds me on nib painting 😀 )

Step 9: Now place a dot in the center of the flower using the 3rd color and finish off with a top coat. You are now ready to rock your Indian outfits with a beautiful manicure! This manicure would look great on engagements or ring ceremony too!

Some more pics with my saree!

Desi nail art tutorial Final Look+nail art tutorials+nails




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  1. This would make a gr8 bridal nail art. 🙂 N it matches ur outfit beautifully :yes: I want a closer look at ur watch Deepika. It’s so pretty :-))


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