Developing Hygiene habits in your child

 By Gunjan,

Good hygiene is of a vital importance not only to keep the child disease free but is also best way to ensure that the child is less cranky and irritable. Below are some habits which if developed in the right time will keep the child free from many diseases:-

1. Try to develop a regular bathing habit in your child. Avoid short cuts such as sponge bath. Fix up a bath time and encourage your child to have night cleansing rituals too.
2. Kids learn from you the most. When they see you washing your face at night before going to the bed they will follow the same. By setting up example one can make their child pick up the right habits in the beginning itself.

3. Teach them how to brush their teeth and clean gums properly after major meals and if not major meals then at least twice a day i.e morning and evening.
4. Explain with logic to your child why it is important to have clean clothing. Teach them to put his /her socks and under wear in the laundry.
5. Develop lifelong habits of covering the mouth and nose with a tissue or handkerchief while sneezing and coughing.
6.Always compliment your child about the good habits which he or she has in front of every one. This encourages the child more to reinforce good behaviour.
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