Dewy Foundation Suggestions


Vaishnavi asks,


What is the best foundation to buy for a dewy finish? Please help.


best dewy foundation suggestions


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  1. Hi Vaishnavi ,

    i would suggest you MAC Mac Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation or Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation ..or else u can use revlon illuminator to get the dewy look.

  2. yup from drugstore photoready will be great 🙂
    i don like Body shop in their makeup range at all..have tried their blushes, compact and lipsticks and they have never impressed me .

    • yeah Ana.even i don’t like any of the things from their make up range bt this time they hv nailed it. hv read so many good reviews about it.even m going to grab it nxt week or so. 🙂

    • You should try Extra virgin. Even I didnt like body shop makeup. But with Extra Virgin they have hit the nail.
      And since I have the dubious distinction of having both cream compact and liquid, Vaishnavi if you are interested the difference is you can build more coverage with liquid compared to cream compact.
      But they are both great.

  3. i would also recommend any of the wet to dry compacts. the MAC satin finish compact is really good. it has become my HG compact. thats the best makeup advice a SA has ever given me 🙂 I thot she was just trying to sell but this was an awesome product..

  4. I swear by MAC Mineralize and Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation…. its really good!!!
    I am lately hearing a lot about the new TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation…

  5. my pick would be apply MAC Strobe cream followed by any good powder foundation ( I recently learned this)
    bourjois 10h sleep effect foundation
    bourjois healthy mix foundation

  6. for dewy finish and with dry skin i second ana …
    MAC Satin finish is best …. 😀 😀 …. and no TBS makeup at all …. i havent tried the new one so no comments on that ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    but yeah their earlier makeup range did disappoint me 😥 😥 😥 😥

    and if you want to finish off your exicsting foundation try MAC Strobe cream or else revlon illuminating cream 😀

  7. aahm :sidefrown: may i speak in between any body wants a budget suggestion ? light coverage dewy look for winter .. I would give this to Oriflame very me peach me perfect it is light gives perfect dewy look in light coverage. You may mix it with other foundation to get the kind of coverage you want. And it is just about 250 +

    • haha! Both!

      i am so gavaar when it comes to foundations..i trust A’s experience totally since she’s the foundation buff..but ur right..MAC and tbs r like the unanimous favs here…i shud try them 🙂

  8. Bourjois Healthy Mix gives a nice dewy finish..if you are able to find a shade that matches you, then you are lucky :-))

    If not TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid is getting a lot of good reviews now.

    MAC ka cream foundation is also good…Thats what I heard..but never tried

  9. Kryolan High Definition Liquid Foundation… looks very natural yet gives decent coverage and a glow on the face… If u in Bombay, visit Kryolan shop in Andheri… get it applied on ur face by SA and check how it behaves for an hour or so…. the SA (Farah) is very sweet… she’ll help u out

      • Yes Anamika … surely do try them… infact I’ll suggest a few that I experienced:
        (1.) I bought their 6 palette supracolour foundation palette (FS shades)… one of them has become my concealer and it’s simply wonderful.. I haven’t yet used any as a foundation as it’s a l’il heavy so will try it later when I plan to attend some occassion like a wedding
        (2.) I also bought their cleansing cream … comes in a dabba… actually the SA was trying foundation on me… I wasn’t happy with the shade so she started removing with this cleanser to try another shade and I totally got sold on the cleanser… I have a very sensitive skin and even MAC cleansing pads burn my skin… this one is superb
        (3.) Kryolan High Definition Liquid Foundation – I haven’t bought this yet ‘coz the SA has tried the shades on me but I had to give it some time to see how it behaves … as of now am sorted with my current foundation but am still planning to buy this one in future
        A few others to check: Pari had suggested TV paint stick and an orange concealer… in fact SA first checked tht orange concealer but I wanted to check a peach and wanted a palette… luckily tht suited me better; their Dermacolour range is also good but too heavy for my taste… SA tried it on my face n thoh it was fine, I found it too heavy and cakey; have bought their primer too but this is my first primer so u would be a better judge; checked the eyeliner gels as Zara suggested but colours didn’t work for me otherwise quality is great; blushesand e/s are expensive so didn’t check and they don’t have longstay lipsticks so didn’t bother checking those too
        Phew… I know this is a looonnngg comment but I’ve fallen in love with Kryolan… impressed with their pdts… will post reviews of all the stuff I’ve bought soon… just caught up with a lot of work till weekend


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