Dewy Makeup-Breakdown


Dewy Makeup-Breakdown


I was just watching Fantastic four and I loved how dewy, fresh and healthy Jessica Alba looked in the movie. Don’t you just love the dewy glossy look on those actresses’ face? Well, I do! I love it enough to get envy of it! Dewy skin looks fresh, luminous, youthful and super sultry!


Jessica Alba dewy makeup


Well, it is very true that we cannot get the same look like a dewy faced actress on-screen, because she has the advantage of professional lighting, camera lenses and settings, a makeup artist to touch her makeup after every take. I never expect my makeup to look as dewy as Hayden Panettiere! But we can definitely look fresh and glowy.


hayden-panettiere dewy makeup


So here is what I found useful.

Dewy makeup looks good on dry, normal or combination skin. It will make oily skin look greasy. Your skin should be smooth and well hydrated. Dry, uneven, dehydrated skin just won’t make the look work.

Also, you will need a liquid illuminator to make the look work. We have some great illuminators like Revlon skinlights face illuminator lotion, oriflame peach me perfect skin glow, Inglot AMC Face and body illuminator etc. But if you don’t have one in your makeup stash, you can make one just by mixing some shimmery eye shadow in a little foundation.

Following these simple steps will make your makeup look dewy:

  • Prep your skin with good layer of moisturizer. I like using Brillare Science Moisture Mask Silk Moisturizer or Lotus White glow skin whitening and lightening gel crème.
  • Let it get absorbed into the skin. Follow it up with a primer. I use Coloressence Make-Up Primer.
  • Then apply an illuminating product over the cheekbones, forehead and under your eyes. Avoid applying it all over your face or you’ll end up looking like a disco ball! I use Revlon skinlights face illuminator lotion.
  • Use a moisturizing foundation and apply it with a stippling brush, buffing it in circular movements. You might skip the foundation and use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Use concealer after foundation. I generally use Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Makeup Liquid foundation.


dewy makeup look


  • Use a cream blush and a cream highlighter for an added glow on your cheeks. I use NYX Cream blush in GLOW and Faces Cream Blush Rose Quartz as a highlighter.
  • Proper contouring using a bronzer is very important so that your face looks dimensional. This is one step that many girls skip when it comes to dewy makeup. The focus is just on the illuminator and not on the bronzer. The contouring accentuates the parts of your face on which the illuminator is applied. I use NYX Bronzer.
  • Finish off with applying translucent powder under your eyes, on the sides of your nose and on your chin. I use Oriflame Pressed bronzing pearls.


get dewy makeup


Legendary late makeup artist Kevin Aucoin demonstrates the art of contouring and highlighting in this picture from his book Making Faces.


Kevin Aucoin dewy makeup


I have tried my best to bring the dewy make-up basics in an understandable way. Hope you all like this method of dewy make-up!

Do you like doing dewy makeup ?

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  1. Kevin’s picture is the most illuminating contouring-highlighting photo that I have ever seen! I’ll certainly refer to it the next time I try to contour.. :p

  2. Fab post, I am saving the last pic, its damn useful esp how to apply highlighter n contour stuff! I hv liking for dewy look since my childhood.dewy skin looks so healthy. I second with anamika, I swear by Mac face n body foundation for dewy look.


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