Dhoni Sakshii marriage and media’s "Exclusive report"

Very intelligently and tactfully Dhoni dodge the media and married his child hood sweetheart Sakshi( or may be love blossomed now only by looking at Dhoni past affairs )
By reading the name  Sakshi I thought girls whose name starts with S are turning out lucky.It started with Sania and now Sakshi .I wish my name could have been Snamika:D but it is late now 🙁
Dhoni left the hungry media fuming but still no one can compete Indian media .They can cook any story and present in front of us and we all will watch it too.No matter even if media doesn’t have a single pic of the couple but still they will run the whole day show without any info and base.
I read Bipasha and John are hosting a party for the couples. Poor Bipasha must have got a heart attack, Bipasha who didn’t even pay her breast enlargement full fees to her Doctor when read about her hosting a party must have fainted while thinking about the expenses.
Bipasha reading the news opened her twitter account and stated that this is untrue
I remember when Aishwarya and Abhishek got married I watched their marriage for three hours.(Yess !! I did:D) and there was just nothing. Yaa I found Abhishek looking so cuuuttee dancing on the horse but that is it. For that one second moment I watched the whole three hour episode. So if I am blaming the media then somewhere even I am responsible.
You know I am a voracious reader but of DELHI TIMES only:D .I start my day reading all the gossips. While reading the Dhoni marriage news I found that Sakshi and Dhoni were school mates but guys did you check their age difference. Dhoni is 29 and Sakshi is 21 -22:O. I can’t believe that Dhoni was eying a girl in his school who was so younger to him that time. Of course when you grow up it is ok to marry a girl with this age difference but that time :D:D
Coming back to media.Poor media missed out various exclusive info such as:-
*Who applied mehandi to Sakshi,
*What outfit she wore,
*Who was her designer
*What was the cost of her outfit
*How she blushed in front of Dhoni
*Which salon Dhoni got his hair cut done
*Wehter Dhoni calld Deepika in his marriage
Anyway let us see what some of the Television channel managed to do after all they are pro in their work:)
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