Gift From Mommie To A Mommie :)


When my mom asked me what I wanted in the gift after the baby arrives, I already had things planned up.I didn’t want those traditional necklaces which will stay in my lockers for years and I will hardly get any chance to wear them .I wanted a diamond ring band which has some 4-5 rows of diamonds in it and my mother exactly got what I wanted.


diamond band ring engagement+designer ring diamond


Isn’t it just a beauty for every day wear  although I am not able to wear it  on regular basis because these diamonds are going to get spoiled with all the million time hand wash which I have every day now but still I wear it when ever I go out 🙂


jewellery rings diamond +diamond ring


With this Momie also gave me these diamond hoops which too I wanted so badly. Besides all the pain which one has to undergo while giving birth, I think diamond gifts do make you feel much better. So please start convincing your hubby and who so ever you think will gift you these beauties before the baby arrives :D:D

The small gold chain which are there with the hoops  gives support to my ears although i don’t like to wear them regularly but these do give good support make me feel as if i am not wearing anything heavy .

round diamond hoops with earrings+large diamond hoops earrings


A closer look 🙂 You are going to see lot of these in my upcoming looks 🙂




I also got a few gold chains and pendants with coloured stones necklaces and ofcourse the Daddy gift which I am planning to wear on a special occassion soon 🙂 Aah! Life seems little better now 😀


What gift did you get or will you prefer as your new momie gift ?


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  1. Beautiful gifts Ana… loving the hoops especially… u can wear them with everything… ENJOY…. :dance-left-right: :yippee:

  2. Wow ur mom is so sweet…my mom got gold chains and rings for the baby..nothing for me 🙁 but I am so so lucky to have her when I needed her the most

  3. wowwww… sumone get me pregnant… n get me a baby! i sooooooooooooooooo want alll this like right now…………………lucky u …A! i :heart: the diamond ring…wow wowww wowwwwwwwwwwwww! :chic: :beauty: :inlove: :pray: :worship: :heart: :rose: :clover:

  4. diamondssssssssss!!!!! ah… so beautiful. my mom had gifted me heart shaped diamond earring as a graduation present! me love them!!!!

  5. ooh la laaaa :inlove: What beautiessss! Love both the ring n earings…sooo my kinda stuff :-)) Congrats Ana…can’t wait too see u wearing them :hug-makeup:

  6. thats a nice diamond i hav to start pestering hubby for these..i simply loved the heavy ring Ana…gorg..they r nice to wear once in a while.. n it makes us feel rich..:)

  7. Superbly fantabulous gifts Ana, the ring is beautiful :drool: …. really even i always think k whatever my mom has done for me, wil i b able to do that for my children.. :-/

  8. Ur earrings r beautiful!! I have similar ones but they r smaller.. For my wedding i gt these loops and a mtching mangalsutra pendant.

  9. Imagine flattening the hoops .. Thts how te pendant looks like .. Its just a row of diamonds on a single managalsutra chain.. N best part i gt it from tbz when the no making charges fest was on

  10. waaaooo now thats what makes us special :laugh: very pretty they are Ana 😀 i bet u njoing these :beauty: hope chikki is doing good 😀 :hug-makeup:

  11. Seriously Ana.. jealous of you.. and you have got nice mom…
    By the way do you have any bro’s who are unmarried 😛 I can at-least make your nice mom as MIL :-))
    Lol…. But, waiting to see the other jewelry. Please do share..

    • well i am not that lucky..don have a bro ..i am a single child.

      i will soon ..i have kept it with my mom as i might lose it any time..will click pics and show 🙂


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