Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara Review


Diana Of London Mascara

This is my first mascara; a very good product for getting introduced to mascara. I have always avoided the idea of that clumped black thick lashes on my eyes. So, never gave a thought of trying any. When I saw this clear colored gel for the eye lashes I got a feeling ‘why not give a try’. So it got added to my vanity.

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Claims about Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara:

Transparent like water, this product wraps up the lashes, moisturizes and gives the lashes a wet look finish. The particular jellifying system enhances the texture and renders a super flexible film that stretches and lifts lashes with extreme lightness. The B5 Pro-Vitamin protects the eye lashes against aggressions coming from the environment. Lashes stay perfectly curled, lifted and very comfortable during the day with no flaking.

Price: Rs.425 for 10 g.


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My experience with Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara:

This is clear mascara which gives only the base for the lashes to stick together and stay so. It does not give any dark added color to the lashes. It does not even make the eye lashes look thicker. The perfect type of job the mascara does for a person like me. It is completely clear and colorless.

Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara+mascara reviews

The package of this mascara is a clear round tube with details and ingredients written in gold color. The twist cap is not transparent though. The wand is white and brings out very little mascara gel. The twisted ridges of the wand are like those of any usual black mascara.

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The application of the mascara gel is also very easy. No worries regarding the over clumping of the product on the eyes. It dries off pretty soon even before you notice. The neat brushed like lashes stays on for day long. No irritation to the eyes too. The gel washes off very easily too without any trace.

Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara Review EOTD Before+what is the best mascara

(Before applying mascara)

Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara Review EOTD After+how to apply mascara

(After applying mascara)

Overall, a perfect beginner’s gel mascara product.

Rating: 3.5/5

What I like about Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara:-

  •  Gel based mascara.
  • Applies neatly on the eye lashes.
  • Sticks the lashes together.
  •  No clumping.
  •  Colorless product.
  • A very good product for the beginner.

What I don’t like about Diana of London Aqua Lift Gel Mascara:-

  • Colorless mascara may not be everybody’s choice.
  • Does not make the eye lashes look thick.

Rating – 3.5/5

 Have you tried Diana of london Aqua Lift Gel Mascara?

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  1. I have tried one from avon range, i liked it but it started giving off chemical kind smell, so threw tht, i think one can dip a mascara wand into aloe vera gel and use to get similar effect, it looks good!

  2. I feel this clear gel mascaras are useless.. i mean i really need something that wud actually doll up my eye lashes! :-)) But nevertheless nice review… Chandini :lipstick:

  3. This is my favorite clear mascara! Was considering reppurchasing it. Dono y am obsessed wid them 🙂 Nice review. U shud def try black mascara chandini. Nothing beats that!

  4. yes nice for beginners, and also for those with long eye lashes who avoid the black mascara thinking it makes the lashes look like falsies.

    • thas some where is true..Any one can identify a mascara..but its like aishwarya eyes..every one knows it has loads of mascara and it looks great on her.

  5. Iam not fond of clear mascaras but the most important thing is that it doesn’t need any mehnat for removal
    Nice review , I had one from Oriflame. :-))

    • so true..we all are so lazy ..will buy lots of makeup removers and at the end of the day just use wet wipes to clean off the makeup 😀

      • exactly, I use maybelline remover but still not able to clean my lashes perfectly and the next morning when I get up, its like I have put loads of kajal n rubbed them :beatup:

        • hahah.. so true..itne aalsi hau hum sab..especially in winters..i keep telling myself..yur skin will go bad..get up and remove your makeup off.its lot of struggle u c.


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