Diana Of London Shooting Star Eyeliner Eye Pencil Review


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Hi All,

I’m reviewing another favorite eye pencils from Diana Of London today.

Diana Of London – Shooting star Eyeline  – Gold Star 03

Diana Of London Shooting star Eyeline Review

Shooting Star is a 1.2 gms pencil – can’t remember the price but must be between Rs. 350-400

This is dull metallic gold with a bit of silver glitter. The color should look good on all skin tones. My skin is towards lighter side and it just brightens my eyes, or I can say whole face! It would look great on darker skins too.

It’s creamy, smooth and soft to apply, almost like a lipstick. You can draw a line very easily on the eyelid without dragging. I use it like everyday eyeliner, since I somehow find black liners too harsh … probably I don’t know a right way to wear them yet! But this pencil makes me happy 🙂 I can use it as eyeliner and it looks totally natural, like a natural sheen on eyelids. It can even be used as an eye shadow by drawing thick lines.

Diana Of London Shooting Star Eyeliner Eye Pencil Review

It’s dermatologically tested and not meant to be applied inside the eyes.


Swatches of Diana of London Shooting Star Eyeliner


Diana Of London Shooting star Eyeline Swatches

Since it’s so creamy, it has to be set with powder. I haven’t tried it with an eye shadow primer [It’s something that I learnt here just recently :)] but even without it, the colour stays well for 4/5 hours when set with powder.  Later the colour fades, but since the colour is a dull gold, it naturally merges with the skin and doesn’t look odd.

Its water proof and stays on even after washing face with water. A lovely shade, though golden, it looks natural on our skin tone. Brightens up face instantly!


The only negative thing about it could be the softness… It’s so soft that it sometimes breaks while applying. I think keeping it in the fridge should help.

Will I Buy It Again: I will definitely buy it again and recommend 🙂

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  1. I love the color. I have this same brand of eyeliner but in a different shade. It easily breaks because it is soft (softer than the usual eyeliner pencils) but I learned to use it with a lighter pressure than what I’m used to. Will try to keep it on the fridge, too, as you suggested.

    • Oh yeah, I shud really try that way. I’m gonna make my own primer like Ana has suggested 🙂
      Hey Zara, or do you suggest I should use a real primer before, so I know how its actually supposed to be?

      • well Paddy, u kno i never knew bout primers b4 comin on wiseshe…so the first time i started with A’s recipe for promer..once i learnt how it worked and all then i started buying readymade primers.. 🙂 🙂 i was quite gavaar b4 wiseshe! 😉

        • Hahahaha that’s wot I’m right now – Gavaar 😀 LOllll
          And guess wot, I collected all my things togather to make my primer, a foundation, a sticky cream, and was searching for a little jar. Then I found one of my old eye crayons. I had bought it long back thinking its either a light lipstick or a natural greasy eyeshadow. I tried using it and guess WOT!!!! Its actually an eye primer!!!! Can you beat that!

            • Its so old I can’t read anything on the sticker. Its a retractable fat crayon in yellow transluscent tube. It works fine, so I guess chal jayega until I get familiarised with eye make up.
              Hey Blush Queen :beauty: can you suggest me some natural looking blush for fair skin? Not too expensive since I know I won’t use it much at, least until I get used to it.
              I bought ‘soft plum’ from Chambor, but its too shimmery 🙁 waste of money!

              • well, my absolute fav is Classic pink from Maxfactor…Its a powder blush and is a totally natural pink shade if uwana learn and get used to blush…till date its the only blush which ive managed to finish and have restocked on … 🙂

                also Lakme Earth trio is really gud..well pigmented and gives a nice glow to the face..I usually always used t stick to pinks when i started out..u can definitely experiment tho…

                Nyx powder blush in Pinched is also fantastic but availability may be tough tho u can find it sometimes on UT…

                • What’s UT?
                  I recently found one place where I can get NYX. Will have to search Maxfactor though.
                  Is this Earth tri still available? I asked a few Lakme counters and they didn’t have it.

                  • UT is Urbantouch.com 🙂 🙂 short form ban gaya hai ab 🙂 NYX is available there..

                    Maxfactor is available in most stores…SS or westside outlets…

                    I saw Earth at the lakme store 1 week back..but i think they r only selling the remaining stock..not making more…so grab it while u can..


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