Diana of London Lip Liner 23 Amber Brown Review & Swatches


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First a bit about Diana of London. I searched the site but couldn’t find much of these products. It’s a German brand and produces quality cosmetics. Their brochures and ads haven’t been very attractive though, that may be one reason why its not well known..?
I buy my Diana of London stuff from Beauty Center, Mumbai. I did see its counter in one of the malls long ago, I wonder if its still around though.

I have bought a few lip liners and I hardly use them all. But this is my one favorite lip liner that I keep using.  By the way, this one is supposed to be a 2-in-one, eye and lip liner [not that someone has to tell us that] but the shade is better for lips.


Diana of London Lip Liner 23 Amber brown Review and swatches

Amber Brown is a very nude brown. Its almost like my lip colour, but  its more neutral, without a hint of pink. It’s a fabulous creamy matt formula. On a long day I use it to fill the entire lip. It works like a concealer and foundation for my lips and gives a clean slate for lipstick.

Lipsticks stay longer on this, and they seem brighter too, since all the dark spots are already hidden.  Their texture changes for better too.

On top of this, I just dab any lipstick to only give a hint of colour, or use a tinted gloss for nude shiny lips. If lipstick is applied from the tube it looks like a thick layer and artificial.

Diana of London Lip Liner 23 Amber brown Review and swatches


If used as an outline, it works best if smudged a bit on the inner side, this makes a lipstick last longer and look brighter.


Swatches of Diana Of London Lip Liner 23 Amber Brown


Diana of London Lip Liner 23 Amber brown swatches

What I did not like about Diana Of Londion Lip Liner 23 Amber Brown


  • The pencil is very soft and creamy, so breaks sometimes while applying. But then I just take the broken part and put it back on pencil and it sticks! Its exactly like a matt lipstick.
  • It dries lips when used on the whole lips. But you can fix it by applying a lip balm or Vaseline over this, and before a lipstick.

Availability may be a problem


I will surely recommend this liner if you have uneven lip colour, and of course if this suits your  skin and lip colour. In general this should work well for fair to wheatish tones.


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  1. Hey Pradnya,, if u have seen deepika padukone in Aarakshan she is wearing similar lip shade initially and i was loving it..i mean the way u use it..:) its a beautiful every day lip liner :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump:


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