Diana Of London Lipstick Ruby Review & Swatches


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diana of london lipstick review1


Lipstick ke bina has nahi sakthey

Eyeliner ke bina ro nahi sakthey


Night cream ke bina so nahi sakthey

Face wash ke bina ut nahi sakthey


Primer ke bina jee nahi sakthey

Foundation ke bina mar nahi sakthey


Nail polish ke bina kha nahi sakthey

Body wash ke bina naha nahi sakthey


Jabse wiseshe member baney hain yaaron

Ab makeup ke bina kahin jaa nahi sakthey!!!


wa wa wa wa wa wa


ab to haal aisa hai mere yaaroo..aapke wa wa wa sunkar..blushes ke bina sharma bhi nahi sakthey.. 

:D:D.Hope you like that so called shayari of mine…So today I am going to review another Lipstick from Diana of London ..this is different from the Diana Surprise..it is Named Diana Matic(when ever I hear the name Diana Matic, I feel like singing “Videocon Washing machine”..though it is totally irrelevant. Me and my stupid thoughts). …This one is specially designed for long wear..hmmm so we will see ho long it wears!!!Since I have Introduced the Brand earlier to you..I guess there would be no one in the category “Ah Diana of London”?I have never heard about it..!!

I have been postponing this review for quite a while now because of laziness..and always convinced myself to finish it tomorrow…but since today is the tomorrow I thought about yesterday(if you don’t understand, skip it!)I decided to keep my laziness apart…BUYING A PRODUCT AND NOT POSTING THE REVIEW ON WISESHE IS LIKE PLAYING A BLANK TAPE AT FULL BLAST!

I bought this lipstick from the same sale that I had picked up the Diana surprise lipstick .…that’s an year ago..Initially I had just picked up the Diana surprise lipstick and billed it..But the reps were so keen to sell a few more products to me.. they surrounded me like the police men surrounded sandalwood smuggler Veerappan..And I decided to put on my Bullet proof Jacket so they don’t convince me in buying one more product..but they shot me on my head…!!!!hmmm so I ended up(almost forced to) picking this lipstick too..

  • Brand: Diana of London
  • Product:  Diana Matic Lipstick(Videocon washing machine..he he he..Uncontrolable yaar..)
  • Shade: Ruby 05

Diana of london lipstick ruby reviews2 and swatches

  • Description: Extra Long wear lipstick with UV filters and vitamin E
  • Ingredients: Ye ye ye…this lipstick comes with ingredients printed on the product..only if you know what those strange words meant!

diana of london lipstick ingredients3

  • Price:I guess this too was bought for about Rs 300-350(I don’t remember exactly)You see…I have a photographic memory but I forget to load the memory card!

diana of london lipstick shade ruby swatches

My Take On The Lipstick 

This Lipstick too has a very good pigmentation, Vitamin E and Sun filters just like Diana surprise lipstick. I just have one problem..I picked up the wrong shade! It makes me look like a chimpanzee that just had a pile of Dark chocolates! I am sorry Zara for tempting you again! he he he he.

The lipstick in spite of having vitamin E..makes my lips look a bit dry ..though I don’t feel it..When I see the mirror my lips look like a land hit by drought! And now I know what feathering of lipstick means in true sense ! It easily gets into and also creates new lines on my lips! if I photographed my lips with this alone ..you would probably guess my age as 75!

It Lasts on my lips for about 4-5 hrs..but it leaves the color behind in the existing and newly created lines! and now It makes me look as though the the chimpanzee smooched after finishing his dark chocolates ! Never mind..You girls know, How good I can get at comparisons..!

So to avoid the Chimpanzee look..I usually mix this shade with some neutral shades to form a better brown..and also apply a lip gloss or a lip balm to avoid it from getting into and creating new lines on my lips!Once this is done..I love it..!What so ever, the lipstick does not bleed or smudge unless in self defense !i.e.  it stays on until you eat ,drink or wipe it out with a wet tissue. It does transfer to cups..but that’s an advantage..when you are in a group you know which cup is yours!he he he

Pros Of Diana Of London Lipstick Shade Ruby 

  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Contains Sun filters
  • Does not bleed
  • Does not smudge
  • Good pigmentation
  • Stays on for about 4-5 hrs
  • No smell or taste
  • Affordable by most

Cons of Dianna Of London Lipstick Shade Ruby

  • Transfers easily
  • Gets into fine lines and also creates new ones!
  • Fades unevenly.
  • Only six shades available..most of them are dark colored. There is a dark maroon shade in this..probably it would have made me look like a chimp who drank wine! well never mind!

The names are misleading..it said Ruby but the shade is brown..Almost coffee brown.. But I am not questioning this one as I don’t know whom to Question!

(my camera has not captured the exact color) it looks even more darker in real..

There is a saying..Coffee, Chocolates, Men… the richer the better!but not on my lipstick!I love more subtle shades..but thats only my view..you could love this shade..be proud to be different..like every one else!!!!!

Final Verdict : I love the Diana Surprise lipstick more than this one..I would not try any more shades from this as there are only 6 shades and most of them are dark colored! If you Love dark colors and are ready to apply an extra layer of lip balm/gloss..you can give this a try..

And here is my shayari for this product:

Door se dekha toh Diana matic lipstick tha …

Door se dekha toh Diana matic lipstick tha …

Door se dekha toh Diana matic lipstick tha …

isliye paas gayi hi nahi ….

Final rating :-

  • Overall rating: 3.8/5
  • Pigmentation:4 /5
  • Price:4/5
  • Shade:3/5

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  1. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: police men surrounded sandalwood smuggler Veerappan :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: oh ma mera peet dukh raha hai :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. Jabse wiseshe member baney hain yaaron

    Ab makeup ke bina kahin jaa nahi sakthey!!! wah wah

    Love your comparisons, from chimpanzee to veerapan :rotfl:
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. i hv this same prob with darker shades amd long lasting claim wale shades..they all settle in and create new lines and make me look like a buddhi 🙁

      • i luv reds actually…but i agree that it takes guts to wear it…and the jhatak red is totally not my thing…i can never get up the guts t wear such a shade…m happy with my pinks and mauves 🙂

        • reds…I hardly even buy them..I guess I just have one or had..(actually i cant remember where it is now ……ya maine kisi ko Goud dediya hoga..yaad nahi)

  4. “ab to haal aisa hai mere yaaroo..aapke wa wa wa sunkar..blushes ke bina sharma bhi nahi sakthey.. ” This is the best part :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. Hehehehe loved it jewel 😀 i mean the review, not the lippie 😉
    I haven’t tried either of these, surprise or diana matic. Yeah but i do have ‘pure addiction’, in fact two from the range, and its so addictive, i’m gonna get more from it 🙂
    Do try soft caramel and angel kiss 🙂 nice names for lovely shades


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