Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner Grey Review & Swatches


If you want smudged, smokey eyes in less than half a minute, a grey eye liner could very well be your best friend. I rarely wear full blown thick black eyeliner and 98% of the time I end up smudging it since I like the softer look. With grey it’s another story altogether and I don’t really have to bother about smudging since it’s a softer color already. So here’s the tip of the day (if you didn’t know it already :-P) If you line your upper n lower lash line with dark grey, you’ll get the smudged-kohl look with minimal effort :lashes:

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What the company claims about DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner:

Diana Of London Super Long Wear Eyeliner is a soft and smooth waterproof eyeliner pencil which gives a finishing touch to your eye make-up all day long. It has UV Filters which protects and vitamin E that soothes your eyes.

  • Quantity:1.2 gms
  • Price:INR 325
  • Shelf life:2 years from mfg date
  • Ingredients:

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Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner in Grey review+ grey eyeliner

Shades available:

  • Blackest Black
  • Blue
  • Grey

My experience with DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner in Grey:

  • Packaging: The pencil has a dull silver body and the tail-end has a color indicator that corresponds to the shade inside. The cap is transparent thus making locating shades a breeze. The pencil is not made of wood. It’s made of umm…what’s the word? Polymer?? ?:-) Sorry, I can’t seem to remember now. What I really like is that the complete list of ingredients is printed on the body of the pencil :yes: It does not come with an outer carton but it does come fully sealed in clear plastic.
  • Shade Description: It is…err :-/…well :-/….grey! Like Duh! You want a more detailed description? Okay, let’s see…it’s not as light as cement-grey. It more of cement-that’s-dried-up-and-walked-all-over-until-it’s-li’l-dirtier kindagrey :nerd:. Hope you’re happy now :cute:

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Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner in Grey review+ Diana of London

  • Texture & Finish: It glides on fairly smoothly during application. The texture is not creamy smooth yet there is no major tugging required.But if you have very dry skin this may not glide too easily I guess. The color has a matte finish.
  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation is pretty average and I’m not sure if it’s because of this particular shade. One swipe gives me faint color and I need to swipe a couple more times to get color to show up nicely. Nevertheless, the pigmentation is easily buildable to get the desired intensity.

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Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner in Grey review+diana of london grey eyeliner

  • Staying Power: I’m not too impressed with the staying power especially since it claims to be “Super long wear”. The color starts fading after 2 and a half to 3 hours and it fades unevenly. The corners fade first and I’m left with bolder color in the center. It is also not entirely waterproof as claimed. Although the color does not run when I wash my face, it most certainly fades when it comes in contact with water.
  • Sensitivity: I have worn this both on the lash line as well as waterline and it did not sting or irritate my eyes. It is Ophthalmologically tested and hence should probably be safe for contact lens wearers.
  • Removal: It comes off really easily with soap and water. I don’t even need to rub hard since the color doesn’t really adhere well to the skin anyway.

In the pic below, the half-empty heart shows the color in a single swipe (you can see that it is very faint) and the colored portion shows multiple swipes.

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Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner in Grey review+ grey eyeliner swatch

What I like about DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner in Grey:

  • Pencil comes fully sealed in clear plastic
  • List of ingredients is printed on the body of the pencil
  • Contains UV filters (I actually find this funny. What amount of protection is one swipe eye liner going to provide? 😛 )
  • Transparent cap and color indicator at the tail-end makes it easy to locate
  • Application is fairly smooth
  • Color does not bleed or flake
  • Matte finish
  • Did not irritate eyes when worn on waterline
  • Can be removed easily with soap and water and does not require a separate cleanser
  • No parabens

Diana of London SuperLongwear Eyeliner in Grey review+ Diana of London eotd

What I don’t like about DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner in Grey:

  • Pigmentation is very average and I require more than a swipe or two for the color to show
  • Claims to be long lasting but starts fading after 3 hours
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Requires sharpening
  • Limited shade selection
  • Pricey for the quality

Rating: 3/5

Final thoughts on DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner in Grey:

I’ve heard good things about DOL liners but now that I got to finally try one, I’m not too impressed with its performance. I have a feeling the issues I faced are probably confined to this particular shade and “maybe” the other shades are more pigmented and long lasting. I’m now wondering if I should try the black liner from this range before I completely diss these pencils :-/

Have you tried the DOL Super Longwear Eyeliner in Grey?

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