Did you check your horoscope this year?


2011 Horoscope   – We all start new year with new hopes, new desires and  new list of expectation..Don’t we?? Atleast I do :)..I always like to go through my horoscope to check out whats in store for me ahead.


I am a Taurain and my horoscope According to Bejan Daruwala says:-

Taurus people life will be wonderful throughout the year as few may get an unexpected promotion. Harmonious Family life and supportive friends all through the year. Financial problems gets solved at the year end.

Wow !!! My horoscope looks interesting ..:D:D

Find out yours here

People born of zodiac Aries face challenges in career in first half with family life will be beautiful or love marriage. Financially remain secured.

This is an normal year for the Gemini people. No development in career will happen. Financially you will be good; In the middle of the year you will have health related problems.

2011 is a good for Leos. You can balance a healthy family life all throughout the year. Love marriages are success. You will also be financially safe as may get promoted.

This is an median year for the Virgo people and financially secured. Family life will stay good and healthy. A minor health problem in the starting of the year.

Libra people will good year all the way. You can have a healthy relationship with your family members and friends. Good supports from your colleagues and authorities. Air Travel often. But, Few financial crisis might occur at the middle of the month due to some big expenditure.

An average for the Scorpio people. you may face some health problems in the starting though it can be manageable. few problems in the family may come. Try to be hold to your partner otherwise some misunderstandings may happen.

2011 is a good for the Sagittarius people. few may tie the wedding knot this year. financial problem may occur this year. Friends are very supportive and development in career. Travel is air.

This is a normal year for the Capricorn people. Though financial security will be available, however, at the same time no career development will occur. Some problems in your family also. Relationships challenge problems.

Aquarius people will have a beautiful life throughout the year. Promotion assured.  Healthy Family. Friends will be caring and loyal all through the year.

2011 is a best year for the Pisces. You can have a healthy family life all through the year.

Do you believe in these horoscopes? Do you remember any of these  prediction coming out true ever?!!!

Info source :http://www.bejandaruwalla.com/


  1. so better start searching and if u already have a boyfriend then get married as it will be successful love marriage lolz..

  2. he forgot cancarian lolz..here is yours

    he people with zodiac sign as Cancer are apt to go against expectations. The Cancerians will be challenged to get people to understand how core values are being retained, just not being expressed in a typical manner.For the Cancerians the advise is towork harder, to achieve greater profits and the success can associate with a lot of hard work.

    The home and a comfortable one at that is cancers pride and joy! It is in the home that cancerians feel safe and enjoy creating a home that is comfortable for his or her much loved.

  3. wuaahahahha! ok madam..
    kal se roz gym and roz fruit and juice..
    or kuch?! zyada sudharne ko ni kehna .. thats not possible..
    me going shopping today! 😀 wanna buy lush products! hihihi

  4. aa ja bahot jagah hai! khali purse le ke ja ri hu! wid money only! 😛 :p… i think u will fit in it 😀

    zyada shopping ki to haul share karungi 😛

  5. arey mehnat to karni padegi tum jaise bhatke hue insaano ko sahi raasta dikhane k liye…….
    aur is Daruwaale ko to mein bhasm kar dungi uski itni himmat k he forgot cancerians….

  6. arey mehnat to karni padegi tum jaise bhatke hue insaano ko sahi raasta dikhane k liye…….
    aur is Daruwaale ko to mein bhasm kar dungi uski itni himmat k he forgot cancerians….

  7. LOL! actually i dont have one. the list goes here: Sallu darling , aamir uncle, Jonny (bt in looks not as actor), akki, hugh grant, gerard butler, ronan keating (he's not actor though) etc. etc


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