Diet Facts – Five Diet Myth Busters You Should Know!


Okay, so here is the deal. A few days ago, I was told by a friend that she was doing everything right – eating the right kind of food, making wise choices while going out, and exercising. However, she still could not lose weight. What was more, she was actually gaining weight. When asked, she revealed her diet chart and after going through it and consulting a dietician friend, here are five things I found out which can be called myth busters.

Fat might not always make you Fat:-

You heard it. A lot of people cut out every single ounce of fat from the body and include more carbs and protein. What they do not know is, one gram of fat is going to take more time to get ingested compared to a gram of carb, therefore keeping you fuller for longer period of time. In many diets, fats are actually celebrated rather than pushed aside (Atkins, for example) and for good reason. They actually give your body small amounts of energy over a longer period of time, therefore the body does not need to be fed every two hours or so. Make wise choices. Eat natural fats. For example (and here you guys will want to hug me), eat butter rather than margarine, and mustard oil instead of Dalda. Your body will thank you for it. Plus, fat makes skin better. So fish oils and nuts should be included in your diet on a regular basis.


Fruits are not always your Friends:-

That’s right. And no, not just the natural culprits like mangoes and bananas. Did you know that the fruits high in natural sugars (like berries, pomegranate, oranges, strawberries, etc.) actually raise your blood sugar level and make you crave more sugar? Plus, a lot of people think that because they are eating fruits, they have no calories. Excuse me, but coconut, avocado, jackfruit, bananas, mangoes are all are very high in calorie content. You will be surprised to know how many times people actually crave a lot more sugar after making a supposedly healthy choice. That’s why, eat more vegetables, and fruits without a lot of fructose (like cucumbers), and stick to no more than 2 servings of fruits a day.

The Honey Question:-

A lot of times people have sworn by the mixture of honey, lemon and warm water. What is the secret here? The thing is… first thing in the morning if you eat something, it basically kick starts your metabolism immediately. Think of your body like a machine which needs petrol to start it fully. Honey and lemon are great balancers for one another – honey produces natural sugars and minerals while lemon puts in a healthy dollop of vitamin C. But did you know Vitamin C, when kept outside for about 10-15 minutes or so, starts to evaporate in thin air? That is why it is important to cut a lemon right before you drink it.
However, the combination is not miraculous. You can easily replace the effect by eating a citrus fruit in the morning with a big glass of water.

Too Much Water?

Is there such a thing called too much water? Yes there is. Yes, me, Poorna, the huge water-lover is going to say this to you – make sure you drink no more than four liters of water a day (unless you are otherwise prescribed). That’s because, your body is with a lot of minerals and vitamins, and at times, you really don’t want to flush it out. And it helps in bloating up the body. Plus, too much water also puts a bit of pressure on your kidneys. The ideal drinking quotient is about 8-14 glasses of water (roughly 2-3 liters). Make sure you don’t go under and over that.

The Truth about Brown Bread:-

Okay, we are going to make a lot of people frown here. However, brown bread, which is deemed to be one of the most ‘healthy’ foods, was a myth started by health gurus who actually did not know better. Each loaf of brown bread contains huge amounts of gluten, which is a huge negative for gluten-intolerant people. Gluten is a form of protein that about 15% of the total population of the world cannot handle (yes, you heard that right!). Plus, commercially prepared brown bread has additives and preservatives to sink a boat. If you are such a fan of whole-wheat flour, stick to light, unbuttered phulkas and ditch the brown bread.
I hope you guys are slightly wiser than before and continue to make healthy choices in eating.

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        • The truth is, bread is not bad for you as long as you limit yourself to maximum 2 slices. I generally buy bread from the local market (the ones which come freshly baked each day and are mostly also available in roadside stalls where they are split in half and toasted). I have seen that these breads are without preservatives, unlike the ones commercially made, and I prefer them because they are fresh.

  1. me follow none of dese except drinking lots of water 🙁 i am total junk food lover… nice post poorna i will try to incorporate few things 😀


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