Reader Query: Difference between bb cream and cc cream



I am 28 year old mother. I have used only moisturizers and compact powder for my face so far. New to all the other face products as of now.

I saw a lot of bb creams being discussed on the beauty blogs. And off late I see cc cream. Wanted to know what actually are they for. Also what is the difference between bb and cc cream?




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  1. bb cream- beauty balm or blemish balm
    cc cream- colour correction
    bb cream is similar like foundation with some skin benefits and sunscreen in it, where as cc had more benfitis such as covering red ness etc,
    all thes are available in diff shades
    i prefer cc cream instead of bb cream, i used hard candy cc cream which is 8$ and now iam using loreal cc cream which is 10$, where as b4 i used maybelline 8 in 1 bb cream which is also 8$, so i prefered cc cream , which has more benefits, i like loreal cc cream than hard candy cc cream, try it once, u vl love it


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