Difference Between Cleansing Milk and Toner


Difference Between Cleansing Milk and Toner

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Going through my skin care related posts at wiseshe, it just flashed across my mind that I had been raving incessantly about the importance of a cleansing and toning routine apart from the religious use of a high SPF sunscreen.

But what if my readers did not know the very basic difference between cleansing milk and a toner? And even if they knew the basics, what if they did not know what product is meant for which purpose? So foregoing all these mind-wrecking ifs and buts, I decided to jot down a post which will clear all your apprehensions about these two products and make you realize the worth of both these skincare gems.

What is it and what does it do?

Cleansing milk

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Cleansing milks, as the name suggests are mild cleansers, specially formulated to suit the softer facial skin. Better than face washes and gels, these are generally non-foaming and have a milky-cream like base, which leaves behind squeaky clean skin, sans any dryness or stretchy feeling skin.

Apart from cleansing the skin from the dirt and grime that our face can accumulate during the course of a day; cleansing milks also make awesome makeup removers, and the most gentle ones too. The stubbornest of mascaras, water-proof eyeliners, and even long-lasting lipsticks one weep of cleansing milk and its all gone.



Toners are and should be generally water based. They replenish the skin of its lost essential nutrients and antioxidants most of which are lost during the cleansing process. Toners have water like formulation and are highly recommended for all skin types.

Toner is such a wonderful skin care product if chosen properly (suiting your specific skin requirements) and when used in a correct way. It tightens up your pores, moisturizes, protects your skin from impurities, and even maintains the ph balance of your skin.

I have a full blog post on what a skin toner can do here.

How to use it?

Cleansing milk –

Cleansing milk, unlike any other facial cleansers are not meant to be used as a foaming wash or anything like that. Appropriate usage of cleansing milk calls for using it with a cotton pad or ball. Take the product on a cotton pad and apply it to the entire area of your face. Pay special attention to areas more prone to dirt or oil accumulation.

After having spread it with the cotton pad, gently massage it into the skin. So as to get the blood circulation going. Let the cleanser stay on the skin for a rough 2-3 minutes and then wipe it off using a facial tissue. Follow up with a splash of cold water if required. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel. No you are not allowed to roughly rub your gorgeous skin it will do more harm than good. And you got perfectly cleansed skin there!

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Discontinue usage if the cleansing milk causes a burning sensation when left on the skin for more than a minute. Cleansing milks are mild, and are not meant to cause any irritation; but if your does, discontinue its use ASAP it’s not formulated for your specific skin type.


Toner is the thing which should be followed up with after having cleansed your face thoroughly, be it with cleansing milk or any other regular cleanser. After having patted your skin dry, go grab that bottle of toning goodness within 20 seconds of having washed your face; I would say keep the bottle in close vicinity while cleansing your skin so that you do not have to rush for it. Why I say 20 seconds? Your skin is the most absorbent in the first 20 seconds after your face got cleansed, so automatically the toner gets absorbed all the more easily, and does you more good than ever.

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Taking a generous dosage of your favorite skin toner on a cotton pad or ball, sweep it all across your face in a gentle manner. Focus more upon your problem areas, which are generally the t-zone and the sides of your nose. Apply it to the cheeks too, but with the slightest touch of the hands.

So now that the ABC of cleansing milk and toners has been made clear to you, I guess you won’t have any second thoughts on using them. 🙂

Do you have more information to share about cleansing milk and skin toners?

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  1. Everything explained in detail. Beginners can now know what is what and differentiate between these two products. 🙂

  2. So just to clarify. If we are using cleansing milk, then no need to use facewash? And should the toner be washed off with water after sometime before moisturizing??


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