Different style of eyeliner with loreal Paris super liner carbon gloss(product review)

I have been using eyeliner and Kajal since 2002 and I rarely step out my home without these two products.I keep on trying different eye make up products and eyeliner is one think which I keep exploring every now and then.
Few months back I got loreal Paris liner carbon gloss and I am enjoying it thoroughly. The price of the eyeliner is Rs 570 which is little expensive but you won’t repel at all after using it.

I tried various eyeliner style with this eyeliner,  the one in the first grid I applied the eyeliner on the  upper eyelid and lower lash line.
In rest of the three grid I tried the winged eyeliner which came out really nice but in the pictures it is not that clear.
I saw this thick style eyeliner style on the outer corner  on Lakme site so tried it out. I don’t know whether I can carry this type of eyeliner style outside but I enjoyed trying it at home:)

Eyeliner is super black and glossy and is quite long lasting.The brush of the eyeliner is too soft so applying it is pretty easy.
It is so soft and glides smoothly.I didn’t have to try too hard while applying it.It doesn’t even smudge when I apply it on the lower lash line.

Only thing which I didn’t liked about the eyeliner is that I have used around 20-30 times and it is almost finished.The content of the eyeliner is 6ml only which might get finished in two months only if you apply it every day.
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  1. Looks fantastic on your eyes!!!!I liked the lakme style a lot… You did it in a perfect manner… Bt the same thing… wearing it outside is almost impossible… Winged look is so much more wearable…Nice job!!!


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