Different Types Of Ear Piercings


Different Types Of Ear Piercings

Piercing is one of the oldest and common traditions in the human history. In today’s date, people love to experiment & from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga to Miley Cyrus the celebs have done it all! Piercings are super stylish & funky & can be done on almost any part of the body. However, the most common is ear piercing & there are a lot of different styles you can try on. Let us take a look at some of these.

Lobe Piercing:

Lobe piercing is the most common kind of piercing. The lobe is relatively softer than other parts of the ear & getting it pierced is less painful. This type of piercing looks very pretty & feminine & you can experiment with a lot of different jewelry options with this one.

Daith Piercing:

This is a piercing on the inner cartilage of the ear. This piercing has a ring pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. The piercing is done in a way that the bottom part of the ring comes out of the ear canal with the entrance and exit holes of the ring. The pain of this particular piercing isn’t even that bad! This looks super trendy & can be accessorized with small bead rings and thin jewelry.

Rook piercing:


Rook piercing is one of the most difficult & painful piercing & goes at the folded inner rim where the inner and outer conch separate. It is highly technical and requires great precision. It is done on two different cartilages, more specifically, the cartilage fold on the upper inner ear. This looks distinctive & captive bead rings and curved barbells are the most common jewelry worn with this one. One should be careful so that the holes are not stretched in the entrance and exit parts as it could cause problems in the cartilage.

Industrial Piercing:


Also known as Scaffold piercing, this has become very popular & looks super cool. It is done by punching 2 holes on the upper part of the cartilaginous ear. The holes are then connected by jewelry which can be a curved barbell or a small hoop. Mostly, an earring in the shape of an arrow is used for this one & it is not much prone to infections or wounds.

Tragus Piercing:


Tragus piercing is another popular type of piercing which is done on the tragus, a small flap of cartilage located over the ear lobe. Although it looks cute & pretty, but is extremely painful since it is done on a thick & fleshy portion of the ear. It takes a relatively longer time to heal & is more prone to irritation and other problems especially when you are using in-ear headphones. You can adorn this with bead or wire rings as ornaments.

Anti-tragus Piercing:


Although not very common, Antitragus piercing is done at the inner ear cartilage across from the tragus. It looks fancy & stylish & is not much prone to stretching and irritation. However, it still needs a lot of care as it can be painful during the insertion and removing of the earring. A sleek ring looks lovely with this one.

Helix Piercing:


Also known by the name Scapha piercing, this piercing is generally done with the help of piercing gun and is extremely painful. The upper part of the ear, the helix, is punctured. Since this involves soft cartilage, it takes a little more time to heal. Studs & metal rings look great with this kind of piercing.

Anti-Helix Piercing/Snug Piercing:


This piercing is especially popular among rockstars. It gives a funky & chic vibe. However, it is very painful & is usually done by a professional. It takes a long time to heal. The piercing is done at the inner cartilage of the ear, which is not too deep. A hanging ball earring or a plain ring goes well with this one.

Triple Helix:


This piercing is very popular today & many women are seen flaunting these. These look amazingly pretty & super stylish. It involves three distinctive piercings in the cartilage area. Small round studs look great with this kind of piercing.

Conch Piercing:


It is done at the center of the ear using a large piercing needle. And it is of two types, inner conch piercing & outer conch piercing. It looks great with small gems or barbell earrings & it heals fast as well.

Auricle Piercing:


Auricle piercing is done at the middle part of the outer rim of your ear. The auricle is loaded with nerves and is quite painful. Adorning them with silver rings is a great way to flaunt these & they are usually combined with other types of piercings.

Graduate Lobe Piercing:


Now this is a super trendy & gorgeous one! It involves multiple piercing of different sizes, arranged in an ascending fashion from smallest to largest. Pretty hoops or twinkling gems go well with this kind of piercing.

Transverse Lobe Piercing/ Horizontal Lobe Piercing:


Transverse lobe piercing is done at the earlobe in a horizontal manner. Despite the fact that lobe piercings tend to heal quickly, this one takes relatively more time to heal. It requires proper cleaning every day to avoid any kind of infection.

Which piercings do you like most?

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