Different Types Of Hair Brushes And How To Use Them


Different Types Of Hair Brushes And How To Use Them

Brushing and combing our hair is a daily ritual. We do it at least once a day. Brushing hair not only detangles and styles them but it also improves blood circulation in scalp and distributes natural oils evenly on hair strands.

We brush our hair daily but not many of us know about the many varieties of hair brushes. We don’t know the right usage of different kinds of brushes. The knowledge about hair brushes will make styling your hair easy for you. Let’s take a look at Different Types Of Hair Brushes And How To Use Them

Kinds of bristles on hair brushes

Natural bristles-

boar bristles

These brushes are usually made of boar bristles and are quite soft. These brushes are suitable for all hair types but are best for straight and fine hair. Natural bristle brushes make hair shiny as they distribute natural oils evenly on the strands.

Synthetic bristles-

Faces hair brush+faces hair brushes range+24 airbrush nails +faces piggy pink 49

These brushes are best suited for thick hair as they do not create too much static. These brushes help in easy detangling of hair.

Mixed bristles-

hair brush

These brushes have the right combination of natural and synthetic bristles and are suitable for any hair type.

Now find out the best ways to use different styles of hair brushes-

Paddle Hair Brush

paddle hair brush
This is the basic hair brush that every girl has. You need it if you don’t already have a paddle brush. Paddle brush is flat and big. It de-tangles hair and gives a little volume as well. Paddle brush is great for a getting a beautiful, basic blowout without much volume.

Round/Radial Hair Brush

round radial brushes

This brush helps in curling hair a little. Round brush is great for a bombshell blowout. Round brushes are available in many sizes. Smaller size means tighter curls. Round brushes give maximum volume to hair.

Vented round brushes are also available and they are more suitable for blow drying hair. These brushes have small vents that let the heat from the dryer pass through them. This way, heat reaches the roots of hair and hair look more voluminous.

Half Radial Hair Brush

radial hair brush

If you cut a round brush through its axis, you will get a half radial brush. These brushes give hair some volume and are suitable for thick hair. A half radial brush is suitable for you like to flick the ends of hair inwards or outwards.

Detangling Hair Brush

brush for hair
As the name suggests, these brushes are meant to detangle hair. These brushes are boon for thick hair that gets tangled easily.

Teasing Hair Brush

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler packaging

Again, as per the name, this brush is used to tease and backcomb hair. Teasing brushes are better than teasing combs as they are less harsh on hair.

Have you tried these brushes before?

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