Different types of jeans for body type and tips to choose the right jeans

                        Different Jeans type and selecting the best jeans for your self

Have you got the best jeans for your body type till date?

When I was a teenager with some extra 7-10 kgs, I used to have a hard time in selecting a pair of jeans for myself. But as jeans are a trend and every teenager must wear it I used to buy them thinking that I am looking TRENDY :D. So with not so great height and a round body I use to wear skinny jeans blindly by following the latest trend. Years later during my college days I realised that there are different types of jeans and one should select them according to their body type.
Three parameters which differentiate women jeans are its CUTS, FIT and RISE.
 CUT – Boot – cut and flare- leg jeans tend to flare at the bottom where straight -leg and skinny jean’s leg do not.
FIT -If particular jeans fit in the thigh area then almost half of your selection process is done. Generally slim and regular jeans fit tight in the seat and thighs. Rleaxed and loose fit jeans are more roomy.
RISE – A jeans rise means where exactly the jeans will fall on our waist so when we talk of classic rise fall  then that means it should fall just below belly button where as a high waist start just above the belly button. Low jeans as the name suggest fall well below the belly button.
Different kind of Jeans:-

Loose fit Jeans-
This type of jeans come comes in a category of baggy as well as tight fit jeans. These are certainly not my type of jeans and short people should stay away from them. Loose fit jeans make people look even shorter. They give a laid back look and it is better to avoid them when you are going for an important work where you have to show your seriousness.
 Baggy Jeans– These comfortable jeans are meant for tall women.
Boot cut and Flare Cut Jeans
Boot cut Jeans are characterized by a tighter fit around the thighs and gives a slimmer look to the wear. Boot cut jeans are different from flare cut jeans though many of us believe that they are almost the same.
 Boot cut jeans are slim at the thighs and tapered towards the knees. Flare cut jeans, on the other hand, open up right from the knees as opposed to boot cuts that flare after the knees. These are mostly worn below the waist. Flare cut jeans are well fitted around the waist .These give enough room around the ankles resembling more like a bell -like shape at them.
Straight Cut Jeans
Those who have consistent circumference of legs from hips down to the legs can bring out their figure with straight cut jeans. The bottom rims of these jeans do not open up .They are little narrower at the bottom and ankle which gives a straight look. Women with perfect figure generally prefer these types of jeans.
Skinny Jeans 
Taller and smaller women look best in these types of jeans. These taper towards the ends of the ankles and hence look best on perfect shaped body. They look the best with knee high boots or high- heels shoes which give a sexier and bold look.

Tips to choose the best jeans
1 .Always tryout your jeans before buying them first and when trying look yourself from different angles. Bend over, crouch and do whatever and see if you are comfortable wearing them.
2. Remember your shoes while buying jeans or it will be better if you wear them while selecting your jeans. Make sure that those shoes fit well with your new jeans.
3. There are many of us who have started buying jeans online. If you are in one of them then measure yourself before buying them.
4. Right fit jeans can make one look sexy and slim where as a wrong choice can give you an ugly appearance. So before buying a pair of jeans, know your body type and then select the right one for yourself.
5. Straight and skinny jeans are for those who are slim and have a straight body. Those who have heavy thighs or fuller hips can consider jeans from boot- cut and flare leg- jeans.
6.  When it come to jeans rise, low and ultra low rise jeans fit best to those who have straight and lean bodies. I prefer natural and medium rise jeans because it suits almost all body types. Women who have long waist can prefer jeans which are high wasted.
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  1. hey this is an amazing post! even i used to make mistakes during my school days and now i try on diff types of jeans and ask opinions a hundred times to my friend/ family who is with me when am shopping. lol
    My recent post I AM BACK!!!

  2. hey this is an amazing post! even i used to make mistakes during my school days and now i try on diff types of jeans and ask opinions a hundred times to my friend/ family who is with me when am shopping. lol
    My recent post I AM BACK!!!

  3. Good morning!

    Wonderful posting, thank you. It's just hard work to find an individual jeans cut that fits perfectly for oneself.

    The Catrice palette is shimmery; I made some swatches now.

    Have a nice day.


  4. nice article… and i knw its sooo difficult to select a gud jeans… i tried a lot and finally found my type..
    m soooo in lub wid baddy jeans 😛 and straight cut jeans! :">

  5. good post yaar…………….asusaul anamika good job dear………….:)

    i want to ask which jeans will suit to the persons whose hav a little bit fat thighs as compared to rest of legs………….??????

  6. oh wow but here these brads r not available yaar…………
    tell me any simple way to recognize these boot cut jeans………………………….;)


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