Different uses of Baby wipes(Himalaya product review) – removing make up and others

Who so ever invented the baby wipes should get a big huggi from all the women in the world. Uses of baby wipes are incredible.I keep wipes every where at my place.They are so handy and are my best buddy in emergencies.I have used Johnson baby wipes  and bought once Kara cleansing wipes too and frankly speaking they all work almost the same for me.
First time when I got baby wipes it was just for removing make up and dirt from my face.But with Delhi scorching heat and pollution  I landed up using them after every three four hours.Even when I was under AC whole day in my office I used them to  freshen up my face or rejuvenate it.
When traveling in Bus, train and flight I just wont step out without them.Though in some of the flight they are provided but I like to carry my own.

         I removed my eyeliner(colorbar) and mascara with baby wipes with in minutes.

For removing make up if I am dead tired  I use them to clean my face and  just drop down on the bed but If not in hurry then after wiping my face with the wipes apply almond oil or olive oil to remove my make up.
 Also while using them I came to know many other uses of wipes too.
1.Clean laptops, shoes, sandals and purses with baby wipes.You can lift any accumulated dust quickly and cleanly.
2.Use baby wipes to clean the car dashboard, steering wheel or clean any leather item with them.If you drive a Scotti and your hand by mistake got greased then use baby wipes to clean them.
3. If you spilled your food or drink on clothes, furniture or the carpet, don’t despair. Baby wipes work wonderfully to remove stains. Just take one from the box and dab the stain until the stain is lifted.
4.Remove stray hairs from pets If your shaggy pet is shedding all over your carpet, give him a daily rubdown with a baby wipe. This will remove all the excess hair and keep it off the furniture and rugs.
5.You can temporarily cool a sunburn by patting the area with a baby wipe.
6 You can use it on cut  too.Although they don’t have antiseptic properties but for initial cleaning they work well.
As far as Himalaya Herbal gentle baby wipes are concerned, they are 100% herbal , cleanses skin and keep it moisturized.Company claim that they have goodness of Himalaya baby lotion .Cost Rs 48 for 24 wipes and measure 15cm *21 cm.Ohh yaa !!! you can use them to wipe baby bottom too:P .This just skipped from my mind:D


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  1. Baby wipes are just amazing Premlatha and no they are a must have for me:)
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