Different uses of Jajoba oil for beautiful skin and hair

Jojoba oil provides all day moisturization and doesnt evaporate like water based miniaturization. It is believed by many that Jojoba oil produces oil similar to human skin and can it can even trick the skin into thinking that it has produced enough oil. This balances out the skin production of oil. The oil spreads well and skin absorbs it easily.

Various beauty uses of Jojoba oil are as follows:-

1. Jojoba oil is an excellent make up remover and it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. You can remove your eye makeup easily with it as it suits even the most sensitive eyes.
2. Whenever you are moisturizing your skin take 3-4 drops of jojoba oil on your palms and add moisturizing cream in it. Mix both ingredients together then apply it on your face. It will remove all skin flakiness and your skin will have improved feeling.
3. You can use Jojoba oil on your lips especially at night .People dealing with dry lips problem can easily benefit from it.
4. Massaging your hair with jojoba oil helps in getting rid of dandruff.
5. Add few drops of jojoba oil in any of your hair conditioner and it will make your hair shiny.
6. You can add it in your damp hair too before drying them. Jojoba oil is non-greasy, colorless and odorless and therefore applying it even after shampooing your hair won’t give any problem.
7. Thought it is a oil and but even if I use it in summers on my face it doesn’t break me out and therefore I have started adding it in my night creams as well.
8. Jajoba oil can be used in treating sores, cuts, bruises and on minor burns too.
9. Dry hair damages your hair and leads to hair loss. Applying Jojoba oil promotes new hair cell growth. If there is too much of sebum on your scalp Jojoba oil can dissolve and take out the sebum allowing the hair to be cleansed.
P.S-Little Jajoba oil goes long way and therefore use it in a moderate amount. Applying 5-6 drops is enough for the skin. Over using of it will lead excess shine to the skin. Moderate use of the oil will balance out the oil production and reduce the skin.You can use it generously at night before going to the bed.


  1. I love jojoba oil for my hair – makes it super soft. But for some reason it dries out my facial skin. 🙂

  2. I have just started using Jojoba oil and it has soften my hair like anything and infact they are getting darker as well:)Tanveer if you mix the oil with your moisturizing lotion it wont dry it out..try it some time..Thanks for commenting Have a great day ahead:)

  3. Hey,

    Can you please let me know where this oil is available? I am looking for it I live in Bangalore.I am unable to order this dessert essence online either. Your help would be much appreciated.


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