Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan marriage on rocks


Did this surprised you….Naaahhh !!! This news is all over the net  and TV channels but everybody’s expression is ..what else can you expect  from both of them!!!!

Dimpy has left Rahul Mahajan’s house yesterday when Rahul Mahajan beat her because she didn’t do what she was asked to. Rahul wanted to unlock the keypad of her cellphone as he was keen in reading the content of a message that her cell phone had received. When Dimpy refused and asked him to let her sleep he punched and kicked her.
Dimpy stated that Rahul has done this to her previously also and she has been subjected to domestic violence.During one of the fights he even pointed a gun at her.
Listening to this I can only say that Rahul Mahajan needs psychological help.While watching him on Big Boss it was suggested  by almost every one. He has dual personality and is quiet different in front of the camera and when alone.
Both the reality show marriages, First of Rakhi Sawant (atleast the engagement) and second of Rahul Mahajan didn’t materialize and only person who benefited from it was the show producer who went laughing all his way to the bank.
It also surprises me that a guy who was drinking and taking drugs just after 2-3 days of his father’s death and was seeing flirting with every girl on a reality show can be so idealistic for so many women.It is said that Rahul Mahajan received 1400 marriage proposals in the reality show..
I hope those who were rejected must be relieved by now.


  1. Yaa …he is one of the biggest moron but I don know why girls were so desperate to get married to him..is it the money or the charm…charm..hahha..I don know what kind of charm he possess.

  2. I was shocked myself that so, so many girls were ready to marry him!What a mess, why would a girl willingly want to marry a man accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, a drug addict and womaniser willingly, unless she herself is in it for some ulterior motive?

  3. Dimpy was a model and aspirant actress… imagine the publicity and contacts she has made in this time… She can now appear on all news channels and celebrity shows with her sob story… then she can be a chat show host, an ekta kapoor bahu… who knows?

  4. I think Dimpy motiva to marry Rahul was to get good publicity and chance to establish herself..Girl during the show also was attached to him.infact after the show also she wanted both of them together to be featured..so this might also be one of her drame to gain sympathy and leave rahul too.

  5. Best would have been….they would have announced it the very next day after the swayamvar ….unnecessarily they kept people speculating for so long….


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