Dior 5 Pcs Addict Lip Gloss Limited Edition Review & Swatches


Dior Lipgloss– 5 pcs Dior Addict Lip Gloss Limited Edition Set of 4ml

This is yet another amazing, limited edition product from the House of Dior- Dior Lip gloss– Brillant À Lèvres, soon became quite a rage. Being a lip gloss person, I picked it up from the Changi Airport as soon as I saw it. With elegant glitters, the colors are soft and almost glide when applied on smooth clean lips.


Dior Lipgloss- 5 pcs Dior Addict Lip Gloss Limited Edition reviews


  • Price: $55
  • Net Weight: 0.12 OZ/4 ml
  • Packaging: comes in a set of 5 soft juicy unique colors. The lip gloss looks elegant with its shiny silver cap and neat packaging that displays the name ‘Dior Lipgloss- Brillant À Lèvres’ in silver. (Sorry! Cannot provide a picture of the elegant packaging- I have thrown that off :P)


5 pcs Dior Addict Lip Gloss shade 151, 181, 271, 313, 483



Shades: 151, 181, 271, 313, 483

Shade 151 has holographic glitters or 3D glitters that make your lips look fuller and add a depth. A great choice- both alone and on top of your favorite color.

Dio lip gloss shade 151 reviews


Shade 181 is a soft pink natural rose color and has subtle pink glitters. Again great to be worn alone or with your lipstick.


Dior lipgloss shade 181 reviews


Shade 271 is a bit darker than the 181, but has silver and blue glitters- absolutely amazing.

Dior lipgloss shade 271 reviews




Shade 313 is a versatile one- almost a nude color with loads of very subtle golden, pink and red glitters ad give much dimension when you wear it.

Dior lip gloss shade 313 review




Shade 483 is a dark rose pink with dark pink and golden glitters. This is my favorite.


Dior lipgloss shade 483


My Experience with Dior Lipgloss- 5 pcs Dior Addict Lip Gloss :-


 The packaging is very impressive and you will love to hold the small/mini lip glosses in your hand- a beauty and I was already sold! For application, you will get a sponge tipped wand. They do not have fragrance, but has a fruity taste. All the shades are sparkly and have glitters in them and reflect light very well.

In normal light- inside the room.

I wear them both alone and on top of my favorite lipstick especially during the winters. The colors are very soft and more to the natural side, but you will love the shimmer.

Dior Lipgloss- 5 pcs Dior Addict Lip Gloss swatches


In bright light inside the room


Dior non sticky lipgloss shade swatches



They have a thick consistency, but are not sticky, and also have a normal staying power. It did stay on me for almost 4-5 hours- without me eating anything. However, I do need reapplication if a eat something.


In sunlight


Dior lipgloss shade 451, 181, 271, 313 and 483 swatches


Recommendation: Yes.. yes.. and yes.. You will love it, if you love lip glosses. Gives you a fresh and light look- great for summer, when you don’t want to pile up loads of lip colors.

Cons: Not very heavily pigmented. So if you are looking some real color build up, this is not for you.


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  1. OMG! Dior gloss… Bididsha ..u r one lucky gal..I loved all the pinks… !!! :lipstick: :-*
    Seems to b good enuff for summers! :beauty:


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