Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask Review


Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask 

I’d reveived a bunch of Dirty Works Goodies as gifts 3 months  back of which there were 3 face masks. I’ve used 2:  the Vit C Brightening mask which wasnt too impressive and this Power Berry Detox mask which on the other hand blew me away with how amazing it is. Check out the review to know more.

dirty works power berry detox face mask

About Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask

dirty works power berry detox face mask+ skin brightener


Price: INR 599 .Dirty works products are available on flipkart here


dirty works power berry detox face mask+ face tightening mask

My experience with Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask

Like most Dirty works products, this comes in their standard packaging of a light blue tube. The mask is a thick, smooth paste-like texture like most clay based masks.

I used this quite religiously and have to say I love it! Thanks to some health issues and running around my baby girl, my skin had turned quite dull and ashy but this has worked amazingly well. It contains Berries which is a great antioxidant and Willow Bark which is supposed to help with redness and inflammations.


dirty works detox face mask


It works like a standard clay mask. I apply a thin layer over my sin and it dries in 10mins or so after which I rinse it off. I am really impressed with this mask. It does work and oh so well! My rosacea has returned and this mask controls the redness very well. M skin does look more glowy than usual which is a huge plus point.


dirty works power berry detox face mask+dirty works


Now I usually never go for clay based masks since they tend to dry out my already dry skin and do nothing else. But this one although dries out my skin a tiny bit works magic on my skin. the effects are so good that I’m ready to overlook the dryness which is easily rectified by a moisturiser.

Girls, you have to try out this mask. I remember Shwe mentioning it’s available on Medplusbeauty or Flipkart but I guess its OOS for now. Do pick it up when it’s back..it’s totally worth it!


dirty works power berry detox face mask review

What I like about Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask

  • It makes my skin glow!
  • Tightens the skin too
  • The effects are long lasting
  • Perfect for all skin types although super dry skin may not like the dry-effect after washing it off
  • Dries easily…I hate masks which make you wait for 20mins to wash off.
  • Worth every penny

What I don’t like about Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask

  • Availability is an issue.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. hey you still remember me ? i thought all of you must have forgotten me . u made my day dear!! eventhough i was away i got to know about the arrival of bundle of joy for you and Zee very late . my belated wishes and congrats to both of you and the little ones !! love you so much ..

      • hugs to you dear !!
        No in fact i was passing through a very tough phase of my life . hence was not active not even mails .and i changed my job in between and have no access to internet . but have got access to external sites recently.

          • Thanks a lot .. thats what drives one to Wiseshe ..
            yes my son is doing well and we are seeking school admission for him.
            hhope u r enjoying motherhood.
            yes i hope time heals our worries

  2. getting it for sure.. my skin looks the same during winters like u mentioned .. so i shuld grab this whenever the stock is back 😉
    great review zara :))

    • Hmm..i dnt think it wud suit super dry skin in winters..i hav very dry skin in winters 2 n clay based masks just dnt mk my skin feel moisturized..bt then again this mask dsnt do dat fr my skin anyways..its mire about d gkow for moisturization i use a cream anyways 😉


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