This Diwali, Choose Your Makeup Wise And Remove It Even More Wisely!


This Diwali, Choose Your Makeup Wise And Remove It Even More Wisely!

Hello ladies, now when we are almost done picking the right outfit, the right accessories and the right footwear, why not choose the right makeup to light up our face and hence lit the lives of our beloved family and friends! Choosing the right makeup for Diwali is no more a horrendous task. To look like a million bucks, one need not literally spend hefty amounts from the pockets. Spending exorbitant expenses at the parlours is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the make-up industry has taken the concept of beauty to a zone higher with products that are easily accessible and affordable to women around the globe. So, This Diwali, Choose Your Makeup Wise And Remove It Even More Wisely.


This Diwali, Choose Your Makeup Wise And Remove It Even More Wisely!

Before beginning any phase of makeup, washing the face thoroughly is a pre-requisite followed by proper moisturisation. Then, according to the skin tone, one should apply the suitable foundation, concealer, face powder. Don’t forget, add a contour and blush respectively.

Let The Eyes Speak

Once the face is done, one should focus wisely on doing the eye make-up and the lip. It is because that’s where the actual beauty appeal will shine up. Not only will it make the difference, but also do the talking! For days, one can go for a dazzling look with eye shadows in shades of gold and ivory.

On the other hand, one can opt for a neutral eye look too with smokey touches at the end of eyelids. Colored and shimmery eyeliners will never fail you in zipping in that extra drama that all our beautiful Indian eyes are known for. However, the eye makeup will enhance its beauty with shaped eyebrows. Mascaras that are waterproof, voluminous and last- lasting are inevitable in this festive Diwali eye makeup.


Now comes the core of our beauty- the lips! Choosing the right lip color is personal depending on one’s choice to color it light or bright. For nude lovers, sheer nude shades with a touch of little shimmer is really going to stand it out. Similarly, for those who want to color them bright and sparkly, shades of pinks, fuchsia, orange, corals and reds are on the card!

Boldly Eyes

A little shimmer and sparkle won’t hurt anyone’s eye this festive season, so go ahead and don’t hesitate to shine your lips. Last but not the least, glamming up the nails with shades of silver, gold and bronze will highlight the overall appeal for sure! Again, glittery nail paints will be considered top-notch this Diwali as glitter is gold here!


Remove It All!

Wisely removing the makeup is another factor to look after this festive season. With all the damage and pollution hitting us during Diwali, taking that beautiful makeup off your face is as important as applying it at the first place. The makeup removal regime should be as gentle as possible.

Applying your daily cleanser and then further applying olive oil all over your face followed by wiping it off with a cotton ball can work wonders! As for waterproof makeup, a dab of coconut oil on the required areas is not less than magic. Steaming as we all know is another age old therapy to deep cleanse the skin, especially after pampering it all with makeup. All these skin care remedies will add that extra glow to our skin that we have ever desired!


So, ladies lets shine together this Diwali and make everything around us brighter and beautiful!



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