Diwali Special-DIY Fruity/Scented Candles


Diwali Special-DIY Fruity/Scented Candles

Hi ladies! Festivals like Diwali gives you a chance to go as colourful and experimental as you want. The festival of light gives unique excuses to people love to show off their skills when it comes to home decor and Gift packaging. Instead of wasting money on cheap plastic buntings or the usual string of lights and flowers that die out in a day, you could set the festive mood by creating something great or buntings using simple fruit peels!


Yes, you heard it right. Here, we want to share a very unique, attractive and vegan ideas of lightening up your home this this. Keep on reading to more that how we jazzed it up for you guys.


Things you’ll need

  • Old Candles
  • Outer shell of Orange/Sweet lime or You can even scoop apples
  • Clear bowl for mixing
  • Spoon
  • Colorful Beads or pompom (optional)
  • Any decorative plate or tray of your liking.

Step 1


Place old candles in a clear microwave proof bowl and microwave it till the candles turn in to a liquid wax.Meanwhile, peel the top most portion of orange and scoop it well. It should be look like this.


Step 2


Pour the liquid wax mixture carefully in to these outer shells of orange/ sweet lime with the help of a metallic spoon.Make sure that the thread of candle comes at the opening of it.

Step 3


Keep these candle aside for 10 minute. It sets quickly, so there is no need to wait for hours.


Step 4

Place these candles on a decorative plate or tray and finish the all over decor by adding some pompoms and voila!!!! You have a very own, home made fruity aromatic candles.


Believe me guys, these are the most economical, eco-friendly and vegan candles for festive season you have ever come across. do try these at home and lighten up your Diwali this season in the most unique way.

We wish you a very joyful and prosperous Diwali. 🙂

Team WiseShe


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