Diwali Wishes 2015 + Makeup Look & My Rangoli


Diwali Wishes 2015 Makeup Look My Rangoli

Hi Everyone! By the time you will be reading this post I will be in my bed eating Dahivada :)) ..What were you thinking ? 😛 Well I hurt myself (details on my fashion blog here ) and my foot is not getting better so this is going to be a calm Diwali for me away from all the parties and meeting my friends..Although I got the chance to just to be in bed and take sympathy from near and dear ones around 😀 So, have a look at Diwali Wishes 2015 Makeup Look My Rangoli.

Makeup Diwali Indian 2015

I did this quick Diwali makeup look..Its pretty simple and those of you still interested in knowing the details of what all products I used can check the links below .

Diwali Indian makeup 2015 wiseshe

In spite of being so ill I spent hours in making this Rangoli 😛 well! not really this is 10 minute rangoli which I did and I am going to show you in the video coming ahead 🙂

Rangoli design 2015

Checkout how I made this beautiful rangoli so easily in spite of my foot injury!

How is your Diwali coming up ? As boring and pampering like me or you have plans ..Do let me know in the comment section 🙂

See ya!!!



P.S – Sorry! I wish i could have shown you the whole outfit but my foot is acting funny! 🙁

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  1. Rangoli is the old custom of India. It is the part of Indian holy rituals and heritage. From many years, housewives draw Rangoli.
    Thank you for sharing this nice post.


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