DIY – 3 Best Turmeric Face Packs For Your Skin Type


DIY – 3 Best Turmeric Face Packs For Your Skin Type


Hello my beautiful friends! 😀

Today, I have 3 amazing face packs from turmeric for different skin types. We all are aware of the antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties of turmeric.


turmeric for skin


Since ages, turmeric has been used as an useful ingredient everywhere. It is used to heal injuries, known best for its digestive properties and the use of turmeric ubtan for the bride to get the glowing skin, is something we all know. So, now you get to know some more DIY face packs with turmeric according your skin type. Although, turmeric never irritates skin but if some of you find this ingredient allergic, I advice you to refrain from trying. And others may take a patch test in case in doubt.

Here we go.


Cream, Gram Flour and Turmeric Pack:


Mix curd and besan+what is dandruff


•Take 2 teaspoon of gram flour (besan), 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 1 teaspoon of cream or malai and a pinch of turmeric powder. If you have very dry skin, you can also add a few drops of almond oil or olive oil.
•Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Make sure that there are no lumps while you make the paste.
•Apply this pack all over your face including your neck and keep it for 15 minutes.
•Rinse with warm water.


Yoghurt and Turmeric Pack:


greek yogurt beauty benefits


This is one of the best turmeric face packs for oily skin. I have oily skin and I use this pack often.
•To prepare this pack, mix 2 teaspoon of yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of the fuller’s earth (multani mitti), rose water and a pinch of turmeric. You can also add sandalwood powder.
•Mix well to form a smooth paste and apply all over the face. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.


Aloe Vera and Turmeric Pack:


aloe vera skin care


•Take 2 teaspoon of fuller’s earth (multani mitti), 1 teaspoon of yoghurt, and half a teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel and a pinch of turmeric powder.
•Combine them well and form a smooth paste.
•Apply the pack all over the face and keep it for 20 minutes before rinsing it with cool water.
•If you do not have an aloe vera plant at home, you can also use the aloe vera gel available in the market. However, the fresh gel is always advised to use.

Have you been trying any of these face masks for you skin type?

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  1. It is a shame that most of the mask you recommend are so hard to make, Finding turmeric was a pain , I had to look in many places is not popular over here, many people don’t know about it either, 🙁 ( I am not in india)

    • In india these are one of the easiest to find ingredients and aree perhap the simplest DIY packs. May be you can search for local ingredients there in your country and try different combinationss that might work for you.

    • @Mitra, We had one indian store were I used to get massala, but it closed, Aryuvedic will hard to find. I live in Curacao Dutch Antillies


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