DIY – Anti-Ageing Arsenal Vitamin C Serum



by Himani

DIY – Anti-Ageing Arsenal Vitamin C Serum


Hey all beauty geeks!!!  Last week, I shared with you all the ingredients that are part of my anti-ageing skincare routine.  As promised, I am back with a detailed post  on each ingredient. This article will cover one of the two ways in which I use the brightening component of the routine – Vitamin C. And surprise, there is an added bonus as well 🙂 An easy and cheap DIY Vitamin C serum.

In addition to brightening the skin, Vitamin C increases the collagen production, minimizes the effects of bad sun exposure and repairs the skin. For humans, the only source of vitamin C is fruits as we do not synthesize the vitamin ourselves. We usually try to incorporate vitamin C in our routine by applying citrus fruits’ juice. However, the most effective form of vitamin C is the L-ascorbic acid. It is well absorbed by our skin and is believed to stay active for 72 hours. Which means that if properly formulated, l-ascorbic acid can have long lasting benefits for the skin. Why did I emphasize properly formulated? Because although its super beneficial for the skin, l-ascorbic acid is very unstable and reacts immediately to light and air exposure.


ascorbic acid for skin care


Does this strike you that all the expensive and hyped vitamin C serum might be ineffective by the time we buy them or use them couple of times? Yup, there might be some that are preserved and may be effective, but then they are loaded with not-so pretty chemicals. So, the only alternative left and seems effective and cheap is a DIY at home 🙂

The ingredients required are :

Pure l-ascorbic acid, distilled water and glycerin. I bought my l-ascorbic acid and glycerin from ebay.


homemade vitamin c serum


So lets get started and make a batch that will last you for a week. Only a week? Yup, because we want to keep the serum as effective as possible.

Preparation of the serum:

Step 1: Take 1/4th tsp of l-ascorbic acid.

Step 2: Mix it with 1 tbsp of distilled water.

Step 3: Keep stirring till the time entire crystals are dissolved and you get clear liquid.

Step 4: Add 1 tbsp of glycerin to the liquid and mix it thoroughly.

Step 5: Once the glycerin is fully dissolved, pour the serum into an amber-colored glass bottle. This will ensure that it does not react with light. You can keep this in your fridge.


DIY Vitamin C Serum


If you are allergic to glycerin, you can replace it with almond oil, castor oil or vitamin E oil. You can also use rose water instead of distilled water.


almond-castor-vitaminE oil


How to use it:

1. Start using it once a day as a serum. Wait for it to be completely absorbed. Moisturize afterwards.

2. Make it twice a day when your skin adjusts to it.

3. If the serum starts turning yellow, dispose this batch and make a new one.


1. Do a patch test before using on your face.

2. If you have an extra-sensitive skin, use more water and glycerin.

3. Do not increase the amount of vitamin C as it can burn the skin.

However, THIS IS NOT THE WAY I USE IT. I, initially, started using this serum. But, would often think that by each passing day the serum becomes less potent. Solution was to make it every day. But a lazy person like me would never do all the steps every day.

Finally, what I did was start using it as toner. I keep the powder (in a dark, metal box) and the distilled water with my stack of daily skincare. I make an instant toner by mixing l-ascorbic acid with water and apply directly on my face. Fresh and easy 🙂

Step 1: Take 1/8th of tsp of the acid. You can start with half of this and later move to 1/8th tsp.

Step 2: Mix it with 1 tsp of water to form a clear solution.


DIY l-ascorbic acid toner


This toner has really made a difference to my skin. And now, I am used to making this every day twice.

So, this is how I use vitamin C in one way. I will cover another effective way in the next post. Till then, take your pick between serum and toner and let me know if this works for you as well.

Have you tried ascorbic acid for your skin?

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    • Thanks for such kind words Chandni 🙂 N m not an expert ya just trying to undo the damage I caused to my skin in my younger days 🙁

    • Thanks a lot Ramya.. 🙂 Just trying to give my skin d best and in turn, share with you guys whatever works for me 😉

  1. I am going to try it in serum way…. I read so much about these serums that I was very much temped to try them…. I guess I will be trying this serum now 😀


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