Hello lovely readers of wiseshe!!

Hope you all are in good spirit. It is been quite a long period that I have written something here. I wrote 2-3 articles here but now it’s a distant story altogether. So it is time I should contribute more for this awesome blog. I had nothing much to do today, so I thought to do something productive. Thus I came up with this easy to make DIY project. So with much blabbering let me begin with the requirement:

First you will need-

  • Some Beads (any shape) with a hole inside to put the drawstring.
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some cello-tape
  • Some gorgeous ribbons or lace. You can also take ribbons matching to your outfit.


DIY beaded jewellery


That’s all you need.

Let us begin with the steps one by one:

  • First cut a piece of the cello-tape. Take a loose end of the ribbon and turn it around to give it a pointed look just like a needle. Only then it will easily pass through the hole of the bead. Have a look at the
  • Now take a bead and put it one buy one in the ribbon.
  • After that take the measurement of the length of the ribbon. That is how long you want your neckpiece to be. After that cut the other end with a pair of scissors.


make your own neck piece


  • Now take both the ends of the ribbon. Put it around your neck and tie a lovely bow. Check it out in the image below.While wearing it let the bow hang on one side of your neck. I am sure you are going the turn many heads!!


handmade neck jewellery

  • I have also made another neckpiece with some different beads. And have used black satin ribbons to go perfect with my LBD.


handmade neck pieces


In this image I am wearing the golden neckpiece. You can make this neckpiece in just 10min in case you have all the things very handy. Hope you have liked this easy peasy DIY project. See you soon with more such easy projects. Take Care and Keep Smiling

Have you tried making your own jewellery?

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  1. beautiful and easy DIY. i m gonna try it soon
    btw i found the red one more sexy. do come with more DIY so that i can save my money


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