DIY Beauty Products


DIY Beauty Products

DIY packs for hair and skin are very popular among the women worldwide and due to their natural ingredients they are always preferred over chemical products available in the market.

There are many beauty products available in the market which you can easily make on your own at home and save a bundle. So today we will be discussing about 10 beauty products you should make yourself at home and stop buying from the markets.

beautiful looks

Hot oil treatment

Now-a-days we can find hot oils readily available in the market, but to me it is complete wastage of money and I guess nothing comes close to the impeccable shine and healthy glow your hair imparts after a hot almond oil massage which can be easily prepared at home. It become easy and cheap with a DIY method that is quick and easy when you have the right oils assembled.

Hair Packs

home made hair mask

Mix and blend ingredients of your choice to give your hair a touch of life. Prepare hair packs and masks at your home using fresh, chemical free products. You will be surprised how shiny and healthy looking your hair will be after applying these masks.

Face Washes

gram flour
The very first product that I stopped buying from the store. I use one simple ingredient to clean my face that is besan. It removes dirt and grime, gives me a squeaky clean feel. It is insanely cheap and is chemical free.

Face Scrub

 Face Scrub swatch

This is again one of the products that I have stopped buying from the market. You can easily make scrubs using different ingredients that would suit your skin. It will be way cheaper and the results will be way better.

Face Packs

home made facepack

Same goes with face packs. Mix and blend ingredients of your choice and need to give your dull looking skin a touch of life.

Lip Scrub

DIY strawberry lip scrub

Do you have to spend a lot on a small pot of lip scrub? Then stop doing it. Make your lip scrub with sugar granules and few drops of honey. Exfoliate lips with these by massaging in gentle circular motions. It works wonders. Ohh!! Don’t lick it off.

Body Butter

use of body butter
Time to pamper yourself with homemade whipped body butter that moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, supple. Indulge in this luscious body butter by simply mixing two-three items at the comfort of your home. It has a quality to it that you’ve probably only seen in fancy spas or high-end shops, but you make it yourself and pocket the difference.

Rose Water


Rose water is one of the basic ingredients in our skincare routine and the one available in the market is basically if no use. So prepare your own Rose water.

Under Eye creme

how to use UnderEye Cream

Have dark circles and fine lines around the eyes? Go all natural way, remove the dark circles and leave your eyes feeling refreshed with the eye cream or lotions made at home. Trust me, they are more effective.

Shaving cream

Say goodbye to those expensive shaving creams and just mix equal amounts of shampoo and conditioner with oil, blend well and use it as a luxurious shaving cream.

These DIY products work better than their counterparts available in the market. These are not only easy on pocket but more effective. Try making these beauty products now.

Have you tried these DIY Beauty products before?

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