DIY Beauty Tips For Girls


DIY Beauty Tips For Girls

Some quick beauty tricks are real saviors. We keep getting stuck at simple things and the ways to get out of these tiny troubles are equally easy. I have some simple beauty tips that you can make use of in your beauty routine whenever you are stuck at something-

best fall hair colors

Have greasy hair but still no time to wash? Well, dry shampoo is recommended but if you do not have it, here is a trick to fake good hair. Flip your hair upside down, blast with a blow-dryer and spray a light holding spray. Flip your back and now you have fresh looking and voluminous hair. And obviously, you can create some simple hairstyles with greasy hair.


Pimples leave their spots and they are tough to get rid of. Use evening primrose oil to heal any kind of spots faster. Apply this oil before sleeping and leave.

neon glitter nail art +Neon glitter nail art +nail art glitter

Chipped nail paint is a pain especially when you are in a hurry and don’t want to refresh it. The tops of the nails are extra prone to chipping. Just apply a glitter top coat to cover the chip and you have better looking nails.

fall 2015 hair color ideas

Want a funky hair color for just a short time? You don’t have to buy hair chalks and shadows. Take out your bright and pigmented eye shadows or blushes. You can apply these to mid lengths and ends of hair. Do not go anywhere near roots though!

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Blush is a must to give you a healthy, flushed look. Double up your lipstick as blush for a very natural look. A blush-rule that need mention is that you should apply blush after leaving a gap of two fingers from your nose.

MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit eotd

While filling your brows, fill them from outside in. It is a good trick to make brows look more defined and natural. Do not forget to brush them afterwards.

We know that mayonnaise can be used to make hair glossy but did you know that it can also prevent the ends of your hair from getting dry? Apply some mayonnaise on mid lengths and ends of hair before shampooing. Now when you shampoo your hair, mayonnaise will form a protective barrier between hair and shampoo. Wash it all off in the end.


If you want to make your eyes look bigger, line your waterline with white or nude eye pencil. But wait, there’s more. When you line your eyes, do not connect to line on your upper and lower lash line. This will open your eyes.

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone was present during the unveiling of Stardust Magazine at Magna House, Prabhadevi, Mumbai. On 15/01/2014 PIC/SATYAJIT DESAI

Ponytails are the go to hairstyles for most girls. One trouble is that they tend to sag near the nape of neck. There are many tricks to prevent it but here is the easiest- When you are tying your hair, just tilt your head back a bit and tie.

hayden-panettiere dewy makeup

Glowing skin is easy to get in a matter of minutes. Mix a drop of face serum with your foundation and apply. There you have glowing and bright!

MAX Factor max effect nail polish candy blue+blackend blue nail paint NOTD

Dark nail paints stain nails that look really ugly. An easy tip to get rid of them is to use lemon peel. Rub lemon peel on nails for clean and shiny nails.

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