DIY Beauty Tips For Teens


DIY Beauty Tips For Teens

If you are a teen-aged girl, it is obvious that you must be willing to try and experiment with more and more beauty treatments.

Getting it done through specialist salons and parlors is a costly affair given your limited pocket money. Hence, simple home-made DIY techniques are way best suited for teenage girls. These home based techniques are quite fruitful and popular amongst masses these days. People are using these techniques the world over to avoid spending money and getting affected through chemicals.


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Effective skin care requires regular cleansing of skin to kill the dead skin and bring out a ravishing glowing skin which every girl of this age dreams of. After coming back from school or college or work, one must clean the face thoroughly using a mild face wash or soap and water. However, toning the skin using a toner is quite essential as it helps in keeping the skin hydrated.


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It is essential to keep your skin moisturized all the time to avoid dead skin and keep it nourished and beautiful. Specially during the nights, if you moisturize your face and sleep, the freshness stays with you all day along as well.

Hair Treatments

It is necessary to nourish your hair once or twice every week to provide them with more strength and length. Given the pollution and dust that they are subject to, keeping them healthy is also required. Treat yourself to a mix of almond and olive oils, heated in equal ratios, give yourself a hot towel for some time and then finally wash off using a soft shampoo and conditioner. Is this really that difficult?

Maintain your nails

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Whether hands or legs, it is very essential to keep your fingers and nails neat and clean. Well maintained, polished nails are definitely an admirable sight. Always keep your nails cuticles free, cleaned and shaped. Nail paints or no nail paints is obviously your choice, but a neutral shiner applied on the nails is always appreciated as it gives a husky look to enhance your hands and toes.

Skin Hydration

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It is very essential for one to maintain the skin tone from dying out early. Drinking lots of water and other fluids keeps you glowing and makes your skin look nourished. It is also medically advised to drink 3-5 liters of water on a daily basis to keep your heart rate, body metabolism and digestion into check.

Face Masks

There are a few face masks which you could try at home to give yourself a rejuvenated look in minutes. These fruit- based packs will make you retain freshness and exfoliate your skin to create the magic you always wanted.

  • Banana and Litchi

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This face pack has the richness of calcium and natural anti-oxidants that give you a nice fragrant and glowing facial skin. While Banana helps in reducing the pigmentation and tightening the pores, litchi helps provide hydration which is much needed for the skin.

  • Mango


Mango is just another natural miracle that can work wonders for your skin in more than 1 way. It is good for overall skin, it helps treating blackheads, dark skin removal, dark spots removal, complexion improvement, reducing tan etc. Being rich in Vitamin A, B and C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it can work wonders on your skin.

All these home- based recipes are definitely a must try for teenagers.

Have you tried all these tips before?

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