DIY – Beetroot and Camphor Scalp Treatment At Home


Scalp always is the main target for most hair problems. A healthy scalp leads to  shiny and  healthy hair.So, in general any hair problem usually needs treatment at the root level.

Beet root is a super natural product for hair problems. It conditions, nourishes, and gives the shiny healthy look to the hair strands. It also acts as a hair coloring agent. The stain it leaves behind easily covers up the grey hair for 2-3 days.


Home made scalp treatment from beet root+home made recipe


And camphor, yes this has medicinal values. You have to be careful while choosing camphor. Camphor that is used for burning diyas/lamps as in Indian traditions is not suitable for beauty uses. For skin care, hair care and other beauty regime use; you have to go for edible camphor. Edible camphor is mild in nature.


Home made scalp treatment from camphor+homemade hair care


The other main ingredient of this DIY – Scalp treatment is coconut oil. :-). Coconut oil does not need any introduction. I like the aroma of the oil, and love to use it as it is. This is the staple for me in all and everything I do and use. :-). For more articles on coconut and other coconut products, go hit the search bar.


Home made scalp treatment from coconut oil+hair problems


 Beetroot and Camphor Scalp Treatment At Home – Ingredients Required:-


  • Half piece of medium sized beetroot.
  • 2-3 pieces of edible camphor.
  • 1 spoon of coconut oil.

Beetroot and Camphor Scalp Treatment At Home Procedure


  • Grate the raw beetroot. Squeeze the grated pieces to extract 6-8 spoons of beet root juice.
  • Add camphor pieces to the beetroot juice. These pieces have to dissolve before using.
  • So, It is ideal to add these pieces to a pan. And add coconut oil to the pan too. Heat the pan on low flame for not more than 30 seconds. It is just to melt down the camphor pieces.
  • Add the heat oil and melted camphor to the container holding beetroot juice.
  • Mix well. And that is a ready to use product you made yourself. 🙂


Home made scalp treatment+hair care



Dip your fingers to the bowl containing the scalp treatment mixture to pick as little as possible. Apply directly on scalp.

Apply a thin layer throughout covering whole of the scalp. Leave it over night. The next morning wash with your regular shampoo.

Have you used camphor in your hair care routine?


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