DIY – Besan (Gramflour) And Curd Paste For Dandruff Treatment



Hello girls :-). Hope all are good. Lately I have been suffering from dandruff problems :-(. I tried many solutions from changing shampoos to conditioners to dandruff therapies but nothing really helped to solve this problem completely. Recently I have tried this besan and curd packs which turnout to be a good solution of dandruff removal that too in a natural way. We generally use curd in our hair packs as its gives silkiness as well nourishes our hairs. Mixing curd with water and besan(Gram flour) is also a very good dandruff treatment which stops your dandruff as well protects the scalp from further dandruff formation.


  1. ½ besan,
  2. Enough water,
  3.  3-4 tablespoon of curd.


Besan and Curd For Dandruff - ingredients+natural dandruff treatment



  • Take ½ cup of besan in a bowl. Add 3-4 tablespoon of curd in it.


Mix curd and besan+what is dandruff


  •  Add enough water to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this thick paste on scalp and individual strands of hairs.
  •  Leave it on for 30 minutes.


Besan and Curd Paste For Dandruff+dandruff remedies


  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Since you are rinsing it with warm water, better shampoo your hairs next day.


Hope this simple Dandruff DIY remedy works for you ..:)


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