DIY – Blood Orange Face Pack


DIY – Blood Orange Face Pack


Orange was just a orange coloured citrusy sweet fruit for me. Until I got to know recently about red orange.

Red in the sense, they are blood red. The follicles are fully red or the red colour is concentrated in portions of the orange. The color is really scary if you are the first timer with blood oranges.

These are Tarocco Sicilian Blood Orange or simply Blood Orange.


blood orange skin care


They are similar to any other oranges with contents as same as a citrus fruits. But the contents are more than in any other orange. More vitamin C, more anti-oxidant properties, more astringent characteristics. To taste they are either tart or sweet, it could be any.

Crabtree & Evelyn have products like Body Scrub, Body Mist, Skin Silkening Body Soufflé and Hand Therapy in Tarocco Orange Range.

The natural Sicilian Orange Essence is loaded with skin benefits. So, why miss a chance of smearing it onto our skin.

We are using Sicilian Blood Orange, apple and corn starch today for our face pack.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel the apple at one side. Grate the peeled side and collect it into a container.


apple juice skin care


  • Now cut open a Sicilian orange and squeeze its juice and add along with the grated apple.
  • The outer peel of these oranges feels a little softer if compared to the usual ones.
  • Mix grated apple and blood orange juice.
  • To this add corn starch and mix well.


diy fruit face oack


  • Make the right consistency to form a face pack.

The corn starch is a thickener and absorbs excess oil contents from the skin. It also provides a mode of skin exfoliation and removes black head.

The fruits used in this face pack are excellent anti-inflammatory products and are very good skin toners. This is what the skin needs during summer.


blood orange & apple pack


Usage: Use little of the face pack to massage initially with slight pressure near the temple, chin and nose corners. Also give a little pressure to the brow bone. After massaging apply a thick layer of the pack and allow the pack to dry.


blood orange fruit face pack


Wash off once done.

Have you tried Sicilian orange for your skin?

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