DIY – Blue Berries Face Mask



Blue Berries Face Mask

Blue berries, have you tried. Personally I don’t like the taste. But the mild scent it has is nice. Many skincare brands (both low and high end) have products with blue berries as the key ingredient. If you have tried sniffing or tasting the fresh blue berries then you will know why they are included in the skin products.

Apart from fragrance and taste, it is one of the best to be used on the skin for it has loads of benefits. Moisturizing and anti ageing is the top among the performance of the blue berries on the skin.


blue berries skincare


Here is a quick and easy skin care recipe with blue berries taking the precedence amongst the ingredients used.


  • 3 to 4 blue berries.
  • Half spoon rice flour
  • Pinch of corn flour
  • Lemon juice

Method of preparation:

It is easy to peel the blue berries. Peel and crush the pulp of the berry. Finger crushing will be more than sufficient to make a paste like of the pulp.


face pack blue berry


To the smashed blue berry pulp, add lemon juice. Mix well.

Now, add rice flour and corn flour. Mix everything well and allow for few minutes to blend all the ingredients together and settle.


homemade blueberries face pack


This makes your blue berry skin care recipe. The blue berry face pack is ready for use.

Apply evenly on the cleansed face. Apply with little thickness where there is problem of fine lines and wrinkles.

Allow to dry. Corn flour will speed up the drying time. This is my experience.


homemade fruit pack


Wash with water and follow with your favourite skin toner.

What to expect from Blue Berries Face Mask:

Blue Berries as the names suggest is a berry fruit. Berries always freshen up the mood, brighten up the skin, provides glow and softness.

Lemon is a choice of all Indian ladies. This is because, the citric acid helps prevent occurrence of any skin problems. The dirt and sweat are likely to cause many of the skin problems. Thus lemon is the choicest ingredient for skin treatment in a hot place like ours.


blue berries home facepack


Rice flour is best known to remove black heads and dead cells. Removal of unwanted stuffs from the skin add to the radiance.

Corn flour evens out the skin tone and helps in binding all the ingredients together.

It depends on your selection what type of ingredients you want to add along with the blue berries. Blue berries will however add to the freshness no matter what you additional items you add.

Have you tried any of the homemade blue berries face pack?


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    • If I am not wrong, I remeber seeing a blueberry skin product from clinique. So def, blueberries do wonders to the skin.

  1. A very different DIy…going to try it for sure. The effects you mentioned have compelled me to try this great DIY at the earliest possible :-*

  2. although I haven’t tried eating blueberries ever. But I really like blueberry cheesecake 😛 and the first pick made blue berries look so appealing I felt like eating them 😛 and this diy is so easy and loaded with benefits 😀


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